Thursday, June 1, 2017

~Lilac Blooms~

 It seemed like forever for my lilac bushes to bloom this year due to our very cold and wet Spring and when they finally did a heat wave came through and they only lasted about a week! 

These blooms come from my oldest shrub which was loaded this year and they are so fragrant.

While this darker variety blooms a couple weeks later and seem to last longer on the bush, there are only ever a handful of blooms each year. 

I always have bouquets  of them in my bedroom where I can enjoy them and their fragrance.  I'm not quite done with this area in my newly painted bedroom, but wanted to take a some pics of these lilacs, so I'll just share a few peeks of what I'm working on. I still need to secure the mantel to the wall, hang a couple industrial sconces on either side of the mirror, fill the surround with some wood and find a rug that works in this space....along with convincing my husband we need to rip up the carpet(which btw, I never wanted in the first place!) , but that's probably for another time:-(

So there are a couple of these tufted chairs on either side of the mantel and I love these new pillows from Cat at LiLou House on Etsy.  She does a great job with quick and friendly service.

I also have a perfectly aged wood piece with hooks to hang above the trophy.

I'll be sharing the whole room with more pics of the bed which I moved to the other side of this area later this Summer after I finish getting it exactly how I want it along with my living room which is pretty much done and just needs to get photographed so stay tuned for more house progress coming soon:-)

My latest Show in Salem at The Great Junk Hunt was a huge success and I finally have some time to go through those photos which I'll share in my next post and give you a list of a few more venues I'll be selling at this Summer.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It is lovely to enjoy the natural beauty in our world. So many do not even notice it, always so busy talking and texting on their cell phones.

  2. I adore lilac, here it has been over for a couple of months now, but whilst it was in bloom in the early spring it was fabulous. I still have not found a way to make it last indoors for more than a couple of days, if you have any tips or secrets I would love to hear them. x

  3. Lilac..My favorite flower from my childhood. Beautifully displayed!

  4. Looks so inviting! Can`t wait to see the whole room... My lilacs do the same here... Enjoy your weekend ♥ Alexandra