Thursday, October 6, 2016

~Junk Barn Girls Show-2016~

Summer flew by this year and the past couple months I spent a lot of my time getting ready for a fun Show I just did last weekend called Junk Barn Girls in Hermiston, OR. Three friends: Alison, Angela and Katie put on this Show at the fairgrounds there and I have to say it was one of the most laid back, relaxing and fun Shows I've ever done, which is important as any of you vendors out there know how stressful it can get. 

I hadn't done a Show in over a year being so busy with my kids and just needing a break for a while, so I had stockpiled quite a few goodies!

Fall Shows are always fun to add elements of nature to my displays. 

Probably my favorite area of my booth was this corner with the shelf filled with ironstone. It sold pretty early into the first night so I had to disperse all these smalls elsewhere....but I was glad I had at least got some photos of it:-) 

I got this table from a friend who was moving from the country to a house in town and I painted the bottom, put metal casters on it and sanded for hours....did I mention hours!!! to get all the thick dark varnish off the top.  I love how it turned out and wasn't too disappointed that it didn't sell because it just might end up in my kitchen as an island.  I have another similar table from their barn that I will work on next to replace it for my next Show. 

The adirondack chairs were the first thing to sell Friday night and the cement swan along with the birdbath shortly after that.  

Some other favorites were these horse stall doors I recently got from a friend. They have old weathered wood on the other side. It was fun to set this table with some of my items(until it sold and then I had to find another place for all of them)  I guess that's why I like to take pics before the doors open.

Thanks again to the Junk Barn Girls for putting on such an amazing event!

I think I will be using my Facebook page from now on to post photos of my booths and you can follow along there to see where I will be selling next.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Your booth looked wonderful
    Sorry I missed that sale

  2. Wow! This looks like the dreamiest booth ever! Going to one of your shows is on my bucket list!

  3. I would have loved to come along to your stall, you would have had to drag me away, it looks so pretty and so inviting and so many wonderful things. Love the use of the stall doors and the colours. What's not to love you have a fabulous way of displaying things xx

  4. awesome...just awesome. Can't imagine the time it took to set up that space. Hope you did just fabulous!

  5. I recognize some of those items! ;) I'm glad the show went well for you. Your booth looked amazing!

  6. Wooooo so nice. I love your style and det beautiful photos.

    Nice day

  7. Another beautiful set up and show. I sooooo wish that I lived near enough to attend one of these.

    I am IN LOVE with that swan. I am on a mission to find one for myself.


  8. such nice things you had for sale , just wonderful !
    Gail x

  9. What a great selection of items in your space! Sure wish there with booths like this at markets in my area filled to the brim like this. Lately, some of the vintage and market shows have been vendors who purchased items from home decor companies or wrought iron stuff from Mexico. Some of it looks like stuff from Hobby Lobby and resold.