Friday, September 25, 2015

~Farmhouse Friday Fall Favorites~

Fall has arrived in all it's glory with crisp evenings and warm sunny days with some of the leaves starting to change color.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

It's still a little early in the season for me to put out too many pumpkins(although my cinderella pumpkins out in the garden look ready to pick soon) so I foraged our property and found some pretty yellows to add to my home for this month's Farmhouse Friday with leaves, sunflowers and even some pears from one of our trees.

I did purchase this beautiful white mum along with one white pumpkin the other day both of which will eventually go out on the porch. 

These yellows add a nice pop of color to all my whites in this room and look nice added in with my brown transfer ware dishes as well.

I remembered I had this pear oil painting my Mom did for me a few years ago and added it to the blue cupboard in the living room along with these leaves and Asian pears she gave me. 

And one more yellow bloom still left in the garden are these Black Eyed Susans to add a little cheer when you walk in the door to the laundry room.  

You can also see more of my home decorated for early Fall HERE.

Now that October is fast approaching I might start adding more pumpkins around.  Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you have a nice weekend planned.  Much of mine will be spent with my girls as it is Homecoming with one of them on the court so there is an assembly, parade, game and dance. Wish me luck.......hahaha!

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  1. Very pretty! I'm trying so hard to be in the Fall mood but it was 94 here yesterday. I'm just living vicariously. ;)

  2. So so dreamy, Kathleen. I adore the pop of deep yellow to your gorgeous white farmhouse decor! I'm so inspired!

  3. Everything looks so beautiful. I love your furniture and ideas!!!

  4. So gorgeous, Kathleen!! I love your natural touches ... the green and yellow together are so pretty and look perfect with all your vintage cupboards!

  5. Have fun at the Homecoming :) I'm loving your branches in the hutch with the brown transferware. Gorgeous!

  6. Kathleen,
    Love your white mums, sunflowers and fall leaves...perfect touch to your charming home. Enjoy the weekend with your family.


  7. Bellissime immagini che fanno sognare e immaginare una casa bella e romantica.

  8. I have seen the white pumpkins but they sure are expensive here in Oregon.

  9. Everything about this is it all!!!

  10. I especially love the muted fall colors,it's nice to see how you have incorporated those touches into your decor and how they complement it. Your photos are so fresh and lively that they mingle perfectly with your blog colors.

    It's like a breath of crisp air has blown through the house....


  11. Your pre fall decor is is so pretty,

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Beautiful pictures of your home! I love the bright yellow contrast of the flowers against the color palette of your dining room!

  13. You've created a fantastic Fall atmosphere. Just love it. And those yellow flowers...they look great in your home.
    Have a nice Sunday:-)

  14. Soooo prettty. I just may have licked the screen at that Demijohn and the brown and white transferware. :-D Its so Fall-ish in your home and I just love it. I enjoyed being in Farmhouse Friday with you, as always. xxoo, Barb

  15. Beautiful. I love yellow for late summer/early fall also, and have used sunflowers and some gold accents. Perfect warmth before pumpkin season actually gets here! :)

  16. The pops of yellow against your white backgrounds look so the simplicity of neutrals!!...I really enjoyed scrolling through your post...:)....come on by and visit...check out my last 3 Autumn posts...have a happy day, Mariaelena

    1. Thanks for stopping by and your home looks wonderful all dressed for the season♥ I wish bittersweet grew here because I'm always drawn to it this time of year.


  17. Beautiful, heartwarming and welcoming!

  18. So beautiful Kathleen ♥ Alexandra

  19. Everything looks so pretty. Love coming for a visit here!