Thursday, March 13, 2014

~Forcing Spring Blooms~

It is amazing how just a little bit of warmth and sunshine can make a difference in the garden.  We left for four days on a ski trip since the kids had some time off school and since we've been back, it's been sunny and in the 60's. The grass is greener and already needs mowed and all my bushes and shrubs have signs of tiny green buds appearing.

My forsythia bush is a mass of yellow blooms as well.  I always cut some branches before they bloom to bring inside and force them to open.  Enjoy! xoxo K

My bathroom is a great place for this since it has lots of light coming in and the steam from the shower helps as well.  It only took a couple days for them to start blooming.  It is a great way to save money plus add some color into your home just by cutting some branches,  placing them in a pitcher of water and waiting a few days.  I will also be doing this with my apple and pear branches later on in the Spring.

It has felt like Spring here the last couple of days and I'm loving it!

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  1. Forsythia is one of my fave Spring shrubs, the branches look so pretty in your bath. I hope we've had our last cold blast here. have fun in your wonderful garden this Spring!

  2. Your Blog and Pinterest site are absolutely beautiful! I've been an admirer for awhile, but haven't commented, but just had to today! Your stunning photography literally cheered me up! Yellow flowers!! Thank you for brightening the world with things of beauty!

  3. Lovely Kathleen. . . I love forsythia. . . I have a question. . . at what point do you cut the branches from the tree? When you see buds forming from nature or do you just cut them and they form buds after you cut them? I have apple and plum I would love to force. . . just need some advice. . .

    Happy Spring ~d

  4. What a nice bathroom! The forsythia brings in spring and goes so well with the natural colours - very lovely. Thanks for sharing! Sarah

  5. I do think I need to plant forsythia. The blooms are beautiful.

  6. Kathleen,
    I can never get enough of that bathroom. It is so gorgeous. The Forsythia's look pretty and bright and full of spring for your bathroom. We still have snow no buds yet here in the midwest. Hopefully soon.

  7. So beautiful and springy! I would love a beautiful huge bathrooom like this!

  8. When I see my first forsythia bush blooming I know it's spring.
    They are always so cheerful to see

  9. Lucky Duck....having snow squalls today with bitter wind! Love looking at these photots mmmmmmmm

  10. GORGEOUS!! That first shot should be in a magazine!

  11. We are buried under 4 feet of snow here so I enjoy seeing (with a little envy) the beautiful blooms that some of my blog friends are enjoying. There is nothing like Forsythia blooms though. They are so bright and cheery. Yours look beautiful in the ironstone pitcher in your gorgeous bathroom. Enjoy!

  12. Love the flowers - but am drooling over your bathroom - how absolutely perfect!!!

  13. What beautiful forsythia blooms! Your bathroom looks amazing. I love the wooden ladder too!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  14. Your bathroom is so inviting, absolutely stunning. Love your Forsythia, I bet when the sun is streaming in the walls glow. Your candelabra is really pretty.
    Happy Spring thoughts,

  15. Amazing photos. They are magazine quality. Such pretty blooms.


  16. Beautiful spring to you and the beauty your garden will bloom.

    Always so soft and gentle here with your romancing of old.

    See you soon,
    By the way of love seeing your vanity room :)


  17. Those first branches with signs of spring is such a joy to take inside and decorate with,gives a wonderful feeling and spring inside!!! Love the pop of yellow in your beautiful bathroom,very refreshing!!!

    Tove :)

  18. This is all so wonderful! Makes me want to Spring clean and decorate!!!

  19. Oohhh, What a photos!!! I love the feeling!!♥

    Many hugs, Marikki

  20. How beautiful...the forsythia AND the bathroom! Forsythia is always the first thing to bloom here in the spring...this year I AM going to plant some!

  21. wow beautiful bathroom!! Please come join us for Centerpiece Wednesday Linky party and share your post with us. Centerpiece Wednesday is live tonight

  22. How cheerful the yellow flowers look in your gorgeous bathroom Kathleen. It must make you so happy to see these new glimpses of spring.

  23. Your bathroom is so awesome, love the flowers, the ladder and the tub, all goodies you have shown. Envy you your gorgeous room.
    Oh how I love forsythia bushes. Our house in KY had about 5 of them along the road in front of our house. The first spring we were there I noticed them blooming, silly me never picked any to bring in house since I was terribly allergic to so much there. And the honeysuckle, it smelled gorgeous but oh the allergies. I was so allergic to everything, darn it. The climate there was not good for me so we had to sell our place to move back west to dry climate. I also have asthma and it was bad in KY also. I loved our house and property so much, had 1 1/2 acres out in country, a great front porch, back deck, old wonderful trees, green grass. Our house was 1500 sq. feet with sun room, 3 bdrm with 1 1/2 baths my son bought, remodeled then sold to us. $55,000, We bought a place here, $120,000 for 3 bdrm, 2 full baths on 1/2 acre out in agricultural area. Just not our place in KY. I still miss it and we've been here (Grand Junction, CO area since 2004, we live about 15 miles west of G.J.). Climate agrees with me but no great places to shop for goodies except thrift stores and the prices are high. Tuff choices. Ah well guess it's better to be able to breathe huh? lol. Happy Spring Days to you.

  24. Featured you on Sundays at Home Kathleen!

  25. I am getting ready to help my daughter decorate her home. I am in love with the muted color of your bathroom. What color is that??? Really like the welcoming environment you have!