Wednesday, July 12, 2017

~Bedroom Blooms~

Peony season has come and gone again for another year and I enjoyed them in my bedroom with their lovely scent. I only have one bush of white ones and am wondering why I don't have more....

Every year I place peonies on my nightstand so I can smell them as I drift off to sleep.

I will look forward to next Spring when these beauties will be blooming again.
This area still has a few things that need to be finished and hung, plus still looking for a rug, but I like how it's turning out so far:-)

If you are in my neck of the woods, I'll be at Lee Farms in Tualatin, Oregon this weekend for the Farm Fresh Vintage Fair hosted by my lovely friend Angela at The Oilery by The Little Door Friday, July 14th 10-6 and Saturday, July 15th 10-4

Free admission and parking both days plus fun for the whole family!


  1. Beautiful as always! Those flowers (both pink and white) are gorgeous and styled so perfectly!

  2. Beautiful peonies. The bedroom looks gorgeous
    Have a great day

  3. I love your bedroom just perfect x

  4. Love the little pop of color. Sooooo pretty.

  5. So very pretty, I can imagine how lovely it must be to drift off to sleep next to the fragrance of the flowers!
    Also love the chippy mirror.
    Blessings to you,

  6. Lovely room. I always enjoy the variety of flowers in my gardens, including the precious peonies.

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  8. Beautiful and so romantic :)

  9. Beautiful! I love the antique simplicity of this room. I love peonies also! So much that I buy Peony body spray. That and Fresia are my favs.

    Just on tip for the room. Perhaps put a petite doily over the blue pillow on the chair - Dark Ecru color?

    *wink* smile~

    Now to go read more of your delightful blog! <3

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  11. I Like the color of the flowers looks refreshing to my eyes.

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