Thursday, February 9, 2017


It's hard to believe the first week of February is almost over, although with all the snow, cold temps and abundance of rain we've been having, Winter can't end soon enough for me.  I miss the sun and am ready for flowers blooming in my garden. 

 I have to admit any time I am at the florist section of the grocery store or at a nursery this time of year the flowers like these tulips seem to actually jump into my cart.... they seem to help get me through the dreary days of Winter.

Also trying to add bits of color around the house like these French glass bottles on my bottle rack.

 And items from nature as in antlers seem to find their way into bowls and arrangements.

I was going through some of my vintage items recently and decided to stack this trio of chippy white benches in the dining room.  My favorite being this little guy on top from France.  You can't go wrong with all this chippiness and beautiful blooms any time of year. 

I'm hoping Spring comes quickly and that you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. just look at that lovely burst of color... and with the aqua jars? So perfect.

  2. Its all so lovely Kathleen..Those tulips are beautiful! I don't know that I've ever seen that shade and they are striking with your neutral colors. I love the antlers in the bowl. Decorating with nature is one of my favorite ways to add little touches to my home. Rocks..branches. Just whatever.. Your French bottles are gorgeous! Have a lovely day and thank you for the inspiration :)

    Tamara xo

  3. The benches look fabulous stacked like this and the tulips really do add a great splash of colour. We've had such crazy weather too, ice, freezing temps, mild sunny days, rain and gale force winds and terrible storms, what a winter! Still, spring will be here soon!

  4. Love your pretty tulips on your chippy benches. So pretty.

  5. So pretty. Purple always lifts my spirits, even though I love the winter!!!

  6. I love your Blog. your home and your decorations always. ;)

  7. The top bench is adorable.


  8. so simple but so much class. I would love to have it but I seem to alway clutter it up
    Happy Valentines

  9. You chippy benches look great stacked up in your beautiful home. Like you I am so done with winter, even though we have so many sunny winter days here in NC. The Iris and daffodils are already in bloom in my yard, gotta love that.

  10. Hi,

    So nice to see a lovely post from you. I have missed them.
    I love your stacked chippy benches. So lovely!

  11. I love the tulips. I love to decorate my home in neutral colors but a pop of color is also nice to have. Especially if that pop of color happens to be flowers. :) I am new to the blogging world and would love it if you have a moment to stop by my blog. Have a great day!

    Chasity (

  12. Those decayed and beautiful bench step them stacked and love there design.
    Your home inspires every space you layer apon


  13. Purple is my favorite color. Love this. I'm definitely crazy about the chippy stacked benches. Nice!

  14. Love your style! The color of the tulips are beautiful. Hint: if you want to keep the tulips from bending over, add a penny to the water. I spent some time in Holland and learned the trick - something in the copper.

  15. This is sooooo! Funny Kathleen,
    I was your last comment and now I am back in March to congratulate you in the feature article your wrote and shot for SOMERSET LIFE...
    Now! Hers something to laugh over and enjoy together that we happen to be long time followers of each other's blogs and we are both featured in the same April 1st, 2017 issue of Somerset Life.
    I was so excited to be in such good company in this issue, and I felt very at home being featured with you by my side.
    Enjoy the beauty you created, and I hope you received your issue, mine came Saturday and I have to say it's a great issue.

    Talk soon.