Thursday, September 1, 2016

~Beautiful Blooms of Summer~

Summer is a time when I can have as many fresh blooms in the house from my garden as I want.  Although today is already the first of September, I'd like to recap some that I've enjoyed over the past few months.

Old fashioned roses that grow on an arbor in the garden, not only look beautiful on the dining room table, but they smell heavenly too!  

These are one of the many different kinds of hydrangeas I grow and all my bushes were loaded this year. 

I especially like this variety early on with a little bit of pink and purple color to the petals along with chartreuse green. They are similar to the limelight hydrangea when it first starts to bloom.

They will turn more white as the season progresses.

This pinkish red variety were gorgeous out in pots in the courtyard area of the garden mixed with the greenery of angel vine, boxwoods and succulents this year and I can't wait to see how these will end up drying.

The blueish purple bush I planted a few years ago in the back yard behind our patio and this is the first year it has had more than just a few blooms.

And these lavender hydrangea blooms you see here are what the first ones I shared in the bathroom turn out looking like by end of Summer.

I bought a few more lavender plants to add to my yard and another butterfly bush as well.

The dried lavender usually ends up in my bathroom because I love the aroma.

Daisies grow abundantly out in our garden area along the fence.

Along with this lovely Queen Anne's Lace.

There are always plenty of flowers potted around my potting shed and in the window boxes.

And also in this area of our basement patio along with hops growing over the pergola.

I'm sad to see the hot Summer days gone and it is much cooler here with rain the next few days, but usually some of September is warm and sunny.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


  1. wow how lovely is that!! There are VERY few things in this world that can turn me green, but one phrase is "loaded hydrangea bushes"....ohhhhhh how that gets to me, I've been trying to grow them in hot south Florida, but no luck at all. I adore hydrangeas especially the deep blue and purple ones.
    I love your pictures and your style, everything in your home looks picture perfect!

  2. Your flowers look so pretty. I planted 4 hydrageas this year and hopefully will see something next year. I have never had them before so not sure when they bloom.

  3. Beautiful! Love hydrangeas ! Gorgeous !! Love your country home!

    zaubern können,...freu...freu

    wünsche noch einen SCHÖNEN ABEND
    bis bald die BIRGIT aus TIROL

  5. I absolutely love fresh flowers in the house and you are so right, summer is a time when we can fill our vases from our gardens. I'm quite jealous of your daisies and hydrangeas. It has been so very dry here in SW France, one day of rain only since June that the garden is suffering. We are watering the vegetable garden and all t he tubs thanks to our well, but everything else has had to fend for itself and we have a distinctly less flowers than normal!

  6. Hi my dear friend. So glad to be here. Love you fresh style. You flowers really make a pop.

  7. I just hopped over here from Rhoda's blog. I envy you your hydrangeas. We had a late cold snap that killed all the buds on mine. I don't think I've seen any in bloom in our area.

  8. I love your style.
    It look so lovely and nice.
    Lovely home you have

    Nice day

  9. I am adoring all your different hydrangeas. I planted one a couple years ago, Green Bombshell and no flowers on it this year.

  10. Can't believe that summers are gone and now it's the time get prepared for chilly winds, cold weather and to be surrounded by snow. Not a good feeling. Anyways, it seems like that you have totally loved summer and enjoyed decorating your home with roses, pergola and lovely hydrangeas.

  11. wow what a lot of gorgeous blooms !
    Gail x

  12. what a lovely home you have. And I have seen it often, cause I follow you on instagram too.
    love from Lone

  13. What an amazingly beautiful home you have. I'm happy to have found your blog. Just love your pictures.
    I have been following you on Instagram for a while and now I can follow you here too.
    Have a wonderful weekend


  14. Lovely pictures of your home... Your hortensias are so beautiful, I love the blue ones!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,