Friday, May 20, 2016

~White Blooms~

White blooms will always be my favorite, especially in Spring.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

I love how these Snowball Viburnum blooms start out with a hint of chartreuse green to them......   

......and then after a couple weeks turn all white.

This vintage galvanized sink is perfect for filling buckets with water and then arranging the blooms.

One of my favorite plants in Spring is "Saxifraga Touran Limegreen"with it's green foliage and tiny white flowers.

I like to enjoy the added greenery inside among my ironstone and enamelware for a while before I plant them in pots and urns out on my porch.

These white camelias are one of the first bushes in my yard to bloom and always a welcome sight after the cold Winter months.  

My Bridal Veil Spirea bushes are just gorgeous when all in bloom and all the green foliage is perfect to add as filler in bouquets throughout the Summer.

And here is one area where the snowball blooms from the sink ended up.

I hope you are all having a lovely week!


  1. You're so blessed to live amongst all these gorgeous white flowers! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Beautiful and romantic post, indeed a very "Faded Charm!" Love it all.


  3. Such pretty white blooms!!!
    LUV that sink :)

  4. Your home and style is one of my favorites!! lOVE IT !!!!

  5. I too love white flowers, there is something in their pure simplicity and I love all of your arrangements, they are so beautiful. I saw an article on snowball Viburnam the other day, I had never seen them before, (not quite sure why) and now suddenly I see them everywhere I drive here in France. Down a quiet lane perhaps 5 minutes from our house, a shortcut I sometimes take, the owner has planted his entire road frontage with these snowball Viburnam, they look incredible, I am sure they can't have been there last year, or was I just perhaps totally unaware! Have a lovely weekend. Susan X

  6. so beautiful !!! ( nelly )

  7. Lovely post with so many beautiful white flowers. Pinned many of your photos.

  8. beautiful as in really beautiful.
    Is completely captivated by all your beautiful pictures.

    lovely Sunday

  9. Your home is awesome! and the photos are just so pretty.

  10. Such beautiful images ...I love the viburnum they are perfect !
    Gail x

  11. You have AMAZING style! We will be pinning like crazy. We are always looking for new content to share with our followers. Love the rustic look, the country look, coastal, Italian and French style. We're based in London and source everything from Italian artisans, it's all handmade from old traditions. We've just written a blog that you might like on woodblock printing in Italy, if you appreciate traditional crafts . OK, we are off to follow you on social media and get pinning! We hope you stay in touch! :)

  12. I enjoy your white blooms everytime! They look perfect in your home ♥ Alexandra

  13. Oh how I love your laundry room! I have the same old laundry tub that I actually use with an old Maytag wringer washer for now but once we get the new house built I sure hope I can talk hubby into turning into a sink, I love that you did that with it! Your decorating style still amazes me and has been such inspiration for me!

  14. Your laundry room is ahhhhmazing and so are those big white blossoms!

    Blessings from Chippy White Cottage,

  15. I love the look. Everything is so comfy and homey.

  16. Your pictures and flowers are SO beautiful. I really enjoy your blog

    Blessings from Lone in Denmark

  17. Simply amazing white flowers! I loved the way you used these flowers for home decor. My parents will be visiting my new home tomorrow and thinking to decorate it with fresh flowers. Going to place order for flowers on online Floral Delivery shop. Hope to get it on time!