Monday, December 14, 2015

~Holidays on the Porch~

My front porch got some simple Holiday touches this year with fresh greenery.  We've been having tremendously dark, wet and blustery weather here with no sun in sight for weeks, so when I saw the sun trying to peak out from the clouds and cast just a bit of light, I grabbed the camera and ran outside to take these photos.....and it lasted about 15 minutes before it started pouring again. Such is life in the PNW.  Enjoy!  xoxo K  

We painted the outside of our house this Fall and as I was putting things back on after we were done, I felt the need to change things up and have a less cluttered look.

For quite a few years now I've wanted my house to be painted white with a wood door which is often seen in old farmhouses.  Our door is wood, but had previously been painted white and the thought of stripping the door was stressful with how busy I was and the weather had turned cold and rainy so I ended up going with my backup plan....which was this wonderful grey color I found at Benjamin Moore called Kendall Charcoal.  I love how it turned out, but still have wood door envy, so when I'm willing to tackle that process it can still be an option.  

To the left of the door are a couple chairs and this cupboard I previously had along the wall when you first walked up the stairs, to hold gardening supplies and extra pots.  A boxwood wreath and rosemary tree were all that was needed for this area. 

My little helper, Ella usually follows me around when I'm outside taking photos.  She's not as good at sitting still for me to take her photo though and won't ever look at the camera. I brought out some cushions(because I don't leave them out all the time during Winter) and by the time I had put them on this one chair and went back in to grab the others, she had already jumped up(muddy paws and all).  I can't blame her, they are pretty comfy♥   

I had these grey shutters in our storage area and I thought they would look good with the door and they look great with a boxwood wreath wired onto them.
The bistro chairs and table fit in this area nicely and  a tree inside a vintage French olive bucket finished off this corner.   

It really doesn't take much to get a festive look and I love how simple my porch is now!

I finally have all of my house decorated, but haven't been able to get any more photos yet.  I'll still try, but it's so hard for me to take good ones when it's so dark outside. Hopefully we'll have a break in the weather and I'll be able to share even a little bit more with you before Christmas.

Have a lovely week♥ 


  1. I looks lovely, and the gray door is perfect! I live in Vancouver, WA and am commiserating with you about the gray, rainy days. So hard to get good photos. Yours are beautiful, though!

  2. Oh holy, i really want to sit there. Forever!!!!

  3. Kathleen,
    LOVE that old cupboard and it looks wonderful on your porch. I sure hope you get some sunshine soon, because your home is always so charming. I would love to have you drop by and share at my linky party today.


  4. Looks nice. I noticed the cat looks so forlorn. I am ready to have these gray days end. Have been sick for a week and think recovery is soon--thank goodness!

  5. I luv simple nature decor best, this is heavenly!!!! LUV IT

  6. So simple and pretty. Love love love your porch decked out for the holidays. Swooning. So beautiful. Happy Holidays.

  7. Bonsoir,

    Tout comme votre adorable minou, je suis émerveillée par ce joli décor qui incite à la détente...
    Très jolies photos, merci pour le partage.

    Gros bisous ♡

  8. Everything looks so lovely and I adore the grey door although I will admit you had me rolling on the floor with the "wood door envy" comment! I do envy the fact that you still have some outdoor plants, it is already too cold here for that. I am looking forward to seeing what else you do for the holidays as I haven't found much time to do anything on a grand scale here in my humble abode! Have a sweet day!
    Tina xo

  9. Your porch is gorgeous Kathleen! I can tell you's the first thing I noticed. It all looks so fresh and clean. I love and adore your simple style and holiday decor!! The color on the door is fabulous! I've been wanting a new "wooden" front door also...maybe one day :)

  10. The change is perfect! Love the new look with the grey door and shutters ♥ Alexandra

  11. oooooh, I love black kitties! And she looks so regal! your porch looks pretty, too! Wish mine were as neat and sweet!