Monday, July 6, 2015


I hope everyone had a nice Holiday weekend.  My lavender has been blooming like crazy lately and I love bringing it indoors with it's heavenly aroma.  Enjoy!  xoxo 

I've been wanting a wine holder for a while now and couldn't ever find anything that would fit in my dining room.  I had these white metal cubbies so brought them inside to try.  I'm feeling like they might be a little too big for this area, but I'm going to keep them for a while and see if they grow on me. 

Before I got these potted lavenders planted outside, I enjoyed them in buckets in this room and added a little sprig to a green bottle.  I really like how it looks with the clock in the background♥

Dried lavender is also nice to have all year long and I like to hang it in my bathroom so the aroma will fill the air from all the steam. If you are looking for some, my niece will be selling it in her Etsy store here.  

The weeks seem to be flying by this Summer and we've had an abundance of hot dry weather this year.  I love warm sunny weather, but my garden doesn't seem to like the heat as much as me and it is suffering a little.  

~Have a wonderful week~


  1. how long does the lavendar last once you bring it indoors? Does it need a lot of light?

  2. Nice! Lavender and an awesome new wine holder - your house is wonderful.

    Glad you had a nice weekend. Ours was super mellow this time around.

    Have a blessed week!

  3. I'm a huge fan of lavender and love to bring it inside!! Your photos are always full of charm and inspiration.
    Mary Alice

  4. This is adorable, Kathleen!! The mixture of shabby and weathered but always so natural surfaces, lavender... This special old furniture without Chi-Chi and "tooooo much" - gives this all a feeling like being in the provence.... I love your blog :)
    Greetings from Germany, Méa

  5. Hi Kathleen. The lavender ( I just misspelled it as lovender, but isn't that a fitting description?) is such a beautiful and specific prop for your laundry room, which is a sight to behold anyway. My bushes are doing so well this year, which might be only one thing good that comes out of all the heat and no water! I like the cubbies for the wine bottles and don't think it looks too large in the space..Happy Monday..Judy

  6. When I was in Avignon, France, the smell of lavender filled the air. It was wonderful to walk around and be surrounded with that lovely aroma. Now, I always have some lavender in my home. Currently, I have one of my crystal weddings vases on my dresser filled with a "bouquet" of dried lavender stems. It is pretty and the smell is divine!
    Michelle from

  7. Where do you live that your lavender is so gorgeous? I try so hard to grow it, but I do not get great results. Any tips?

  8. Hi Kathleen, first of all your laundry room is fab. And I would love to do my laundry in your room. Awwww! And yes the sweet parfume scent of Lavender, so calming, and looks wonderful in your containers of galvanize.


  9. Hi. Love your home and the lavender!!! Where did you get your bottle holder? I've been looking for one. Thanks!

  10. What great photos ! Your rooms look great. The lavender looks great. Thanks for the link to her shop. As I was wondering where to buy some from here in TX. Traders joe s has pots of lavender for 6.99 a pot. But not sure it will do good as I don't get any direct sun on my patio..
    Be blessed.

  11. Hi Kathy,

    I love how you always find a way to repurpose things! The white metal cubbies have found a home and it looks great!


  12. I also have lavender in my garden and I love them . Nice pictures as always
    Lonni from Denmark

  13. Everything is so pretty......I am just swooning!!! I love that your wash tub has a lid. Mine doesn't but I am hoping to have one made, especially now that I see how great it looks with it. Have a great day!!!

  14. We are enjoying our lavender here too! I never thought of the bathroom with steam... thanks for the tip! :) Beautiful home and pictures... Xo, ~julie

  15. It is all so beautiful Kathleen. And though I see most of it on your IG I still like to come over and view it all together in your blog post. I have always liked your laundry room with its french nordic charm.

    I hope you will come by and say hello at my blog too. xxo

  16. Dear Kathleen
    I love Lavender so much and your home looks beautyful.
    Greetings from Switzerland :D

  17. Our lavender is just coming out but I can't get enough of it ...fresh , dried , whatever, I love it ! your home looks so lovely and the new wine rack is perfect !
    Gail x