Wednesday, May 13, 2015

~Bringing Spring Inside~

Spring is just the start of my gardens bursting with blooms and I love bringing them inside.  I added a little bit of blue on the bed and am really liking blue and purple together lately.  Enjoy!   xoxo K.   

Sorry for two posts in a row of lilacs, but these are a different variety which are darker in color and that bloom a little later. I also added some more bridal veil spirea to the mantel and am glad I brought in so much of it because most of the petals have been knocked off the bushes by the heavy rains we've been having these past couple days.  

There is something about the lovely fragrance of these lilacs that just lulls me to sleep at night♥

Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. So pretty Kathleen. Always love to see your beautiful home.

  2. super cute, I want to come stay in that room!!!! Happy Spring!!! Christine from Little Brags

  3. I think the deep purple lilacs are my absolute favorite!

  4. Oh how pretty:) It must smell heavenly.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. LOVE LILACS!! When I was a young girl we lived in my grandparents old farmhouse where there were dozens of lilac bushes to cut from and I would put them all over my bedroom in vases and their scent would lull me to sleep! So I totally understand what you mean! It is my dream to one day have as many varieties as possible in my yard, they are here for such a short time : ( You have such a dreamy, beautiful home! It is so much fun to look at the photos you post, yours is one of my favorite blogs!

  6. I love lilacs. We have the lighter shade but I've always admired the darker purple. They are really pretty. Fresh flowers just make the house come alive.

  7. So pretty! We don't grow lilacs here in Texas and I'm so jealous of the ones I see on blogs.

  8. The lilacs look really beautiful against the leaded window, very pretty :-)

  9. Your lilacs are so pretty as is your bedroom. I can never see too many Lilacs! :)

  10. Hi Kathleen ~
    So pretty and soft.
    Very inviting.
    Have a wonderful day

  11. Gorgeous flowers. I never think of purple and blue together....but I like how you have done it.
    I love how you have decorated your mantel.

    Thank you for another lovely post.

    Sarah :)

  12. Pure lovliness! Beautiful photos of a beautiful home!!

  13. Both lilacs and bridal veil remind me of growing up since my mom had both in our yard. I have lilacs today, but ours haven't bloomed just yet. I can't wait. Wish I had bridal veil as well. This is the year of the hydrangea (my husband planted a bunch more hydrangea bushes last season so we'll see what happens...). Love that trophy!

  14. So beautiful, Kathleen! I love seeing your lilacs. I have been so envious over the past few years seeing others lilacs and this year I went out and got myself a bush. It is a young bush and this is the first year so I don't expect I will see any blooms. However, I am very much looking forward to next year and having some to bring in the house. Such a heavenly scent!

  15. Omg! Adorable! Please ,Please ! Where did you get that gorgeous coverlet and pillowcases! Thanks ,Cindy at

    1. The bedspread and ruffled pillowcases are from ticking and Toile on Etsy. The white pillow cases are from Ikea and can't remember where i got the blue one from. Hope this helps♥


  16. What lovely peaceful images...our lilac is not out yet but I can almost smell yours !
    Gail x

  17. I love lilacs and never tire of seeing them! I live in Montreal, Canada, and our very hot and humid summers sadly dry out the lilacs on a beautiful tree near where I live. Right now they are in full bloom and smell lovely, but I hope they survive our summer. You have a lovely blog. :)

  18. Great photos, the lilacs and bridal veil are very pretty. The lilacs remind me of my Dad , he loved their fragrance.
    Have a blessed day.

  19. So very beautiful Kathleen ♥ Now I`m definitely thinking about adding some blue in our bedroom... Enjoy your weekend... Alexandra

  20. So pretty, I just adore lilac flowers. They are all over here now sadly, but we are on to the next thing - wild roses which are equally beautifully scented and very pretty:)

  21. I can imagine how lovely the fragrance of lilacs must be, right next to your bed to lull you to sleep at must be wonderful. I've been seeing lots of photos of your beautiful home on Pinterest lately.