Friday, March 20, 2015

~Snowdrift Clematis~

Well today is the first day of Spring and I have to say we didn't have much of a Winter here in the PNW and it has felt like Spring for a few weeks now.   I don't mind because I love warm sunny weather when I can work outside and sit here and relax.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

I found this "Snowdrift" Clematis at my local nursery and have wanted one for a while.  It is an evergreen climber that has these aromatic white blooms in late Winter into early Spring. 

It will eventually get planted on the side our house in the corner by the stairs leading from our back patio to the patio in front of the basement where we can enjoy it's sweet fragrance from both areas, but for now it's been hanging out here on the Garden House porch sitting in this French galvanized olive bucket. 

Today is also the first day of Spring Break for my kids and I'm looking forward to staying home for once without all the activities going on!  

Have a wonderful weekend♥


  1. Such a pretty plant! I remember growing one years ago when we lived in California and it smelled so wonderful!

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    First of all I wish you a very happy spring time!
    I love it!
    You clematis is beautiful and it looks great to me when you sit on the porch!
    A great time with the kids during the holidays.

    With love, Gerry

  3. I have been planting climbing roses this week to train up one side of the summer kitchen and over the old stone wall in the vegetable garden. However, this clematis is perfect, being evergreen - I can see another trip to the garden centre this afternoon. Thank you, have a great weekend.

  4. That is a beautiful clematis, I haven't seen that one before. I live near Spokane, would this bloom over here in late winter? I don't know where you are but I suppose that you might be on the West side as I can't imagine anything being able to bloom over here late winter. But maybe I could still have it here.... Love your planting it rustic and your decorations are awesome.

  5. Oh such a beautiful clematis! Love your place, I would love to sit there and just taking it easy...
    Have a great weekend, take care!

  6. Just a loveley place, I like it!!! With many hugs 4 you, Meisje

  7. That is so pretty, Kathleen. I have a clematis, but not a snowdrift one. Will have to see if my local nursery has that!

  8. Greetings Kathleen,

    I simply love your blog and your posts. I absolutely love the "Faded Charm" added to your home decor and surroundings. I can definitely see myself sitting on that porch sipping a cup of tea!

    Thank you so very much for allowing me to come into your home and browse around.

    How lovely it would be if we could get together for tea once in a while, but I live in Orlando Florida!

    Again, thank you.


  9. The weather has been so strange...We had an extra cold and snowy winter, and even had a snow storm on this first day of Spring!...Your lovely photos give me something to look forward to though :-)

  10. Como eu queria Morar aí...lugar jeito que gosto!
    Dança do Ventre

  11. Looks beautiful ! Love your blog! Happy SpringZ!

  12. I also purchased a Clematis this spring. It is small, and I might wait until next fall to planted it in the location where it will stay.

  13. The front porch is lovely, I will difinately will be trying the clementis this year. Great styling.