Friday, February 6, 2015

~Living Room Blues~

Today I'd like to share the rest of my living room with a few more touches of blue.  Enjoy! xoxo K.

I used to have a lot of color in my house and then one day it just seemed too busy for me so I slowly changed over to a more neutral palette with woods and white.  My home feels calming to me now and little bits of color can easily be added in with pillows, bottles, flowers etc....

I found an amazing primitive blue cupboard last Summer which you can see more of HERE.  I decided I wanted to add it into my house and found a place in the living room. You can also see the stairway wall in this room HERE.
This Swedish style clock that I purchased from Fleurs  replaced the large black one I had on the other wall.  I've been wanting one of these for a while now and originally wanted a white one, but this works for now and I might decide to paint it down the road.   

This door which I've had for many years got a little face lift with some blue paint  and has amazing crackling that only comes from age.

By adding little items around the room such as these blue glass floats into a bowl filled with driftwood  you can tie it all together.  These old benches have little specks of original blue paint also.

I've learned that by simplifying my color and keeping the colors pale and soft it doesn't seem busy at all and I'm really loving some color in my home again♥

I'm going to be making more grain sack pillows to add to the couch when I can find some time.

I also recently found this great blue glass battery jar which is a nice addition to my blue glass collection.  I rarely see old battery jars and have never seen a blue glass one.  The price was cheap too so this is a definite keeper!

I have a few more photos of  the staircase wall, but will keep it for another day next week since I think this post has photo overload already.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. love your style…beautiful & cozy. Never seen a blue glass battery jar…I'll be hunting for one after seeing yours! Enjoy your weekend

  2. Blue is my favorite accent color and yours looks so lovely! I adore the cupboard and door transformation! So pretty!

  3. What a beautiful room! I love the old blue wooden cabinet... ; )

  4. I never tire of the blues...they go with everything, so soothing and calming...and almost act as a neutral.
    Mary Alice

  5. I LoVe the touches of blue ! Nice and subtle! I made a new pillow case yesterday with some woven towels I picked up last fall. Too nice for tea towels, but I had a project in mind for them. I LoVe the grain sack you used. LoVe it! The clock is beautiful...I love the color of it in the room also .
    Very comfortable warm room.

  6. Your blues are so soft and subtle. The door is wonderful!

  7. You have a gorgeous living room...I love the blue touches! Especially that pillow. :)

  8. It's very calm, I like the door and the cupboard.

  9. Your living room is beautiful! I love the peaceful feeling that blue brings.

  10. Wundervolles Zimmer, mit dem hellblau total schön.
    Liebe Grüße

  11. You have a real talent for placing each object in your home. I particularly love how you styled the old cupboard. I could sit and stare at that all day!

  12. I love your farmhouse bleu....its adds a bit of a French farmhouse feel and I am loving it. As for the cabinet in the corner next to the fireplace, it looks amazing there, I love that the door can open up to the side wall and its out of the way of bothering nothing.
    Your lamps that you too had purchased at the same place as I did mine, well I have sanded it, then painted it white and heavily distressed it giving it a stronger white finish to it so I could farmhouse it in my French mix. Your wire basket I have it as well and it's been in my latest post. A wonderful anthro find years ago, pricey but oh so worth it.

    Your over all look speaks to me! And it's everybit the room to love.


  13. Gorgeous ... and I LOVE the grain sack pillows!!! Awesome.
    diane @ thoughts & shots

  14. Wonderful combination of linen color, light blue and wood!
    What a beautiful home you have!
    Have a nice weekend!

    Kind regards,

  15. simple, unique and beautiful and I love the board on the coffee table xo

  16. I love touches of blue and even would love to see you add more.

  17. I am absolutely loving the blue there. It is the same color I have been adding to our home, too. LOVE that pillow! It is such a pretty room! xo Diana

  18. Beautiful room! You have my favorite color and white. Love the urns on the hearth.

  19. Breathtaking. I could move right in! Blue is my favorite color and the blues you've selected are so calming and beautiful. Gorgeous.

  20. I think the splash of blue adds a lot to your decor style. I love the Pillows !

  21. Hi there! Where did you get the Swedish cross pillow? Thank you! Nancy (

    1. I purchased it from

  22. Love the touches of blue! I want those grain sack pillows lol!!

  23. Love that little folding chair, I want to look for one, can you tell me something about it.

    Thank you,

  24. Such a beautiful room, Kathleen! I love the shutters and that buffet table area that they are on. You've brought in touches of blue in a subtle way and I like how you've placed it throughout the room. I started feeling the same way about all the color in our old house and then we moved, so it was a great opportunity to go neutral and just bring in color as I wanted it. Plus, we are in an open floor plan now, so I like it flows with the neutral walls and larger pieces of furniture.

  25. I feel like I am kind of looking at my own home except for the fact that I have more beach items carrying the soft colors in the room. You could say I live in a beach farmhouse. Also love blues I eat off my old cobalt blue dishes. I should send you some images of my place which I also change sooo much the other half never knows what he will find. Hope you are having a healthy happy new year.