Monday, February 2, 2015

~Blue Primitive Cupboard~

So where did January go?  It's hard to believe we're already two days into February, but it just means we are that much closer to Spring and I'm okay with that! I usually change things around after the Holidays and this year is no exception as I'm adding more color into my home.  Enjoy! xoxo K.

If you remember last Summer when I shared some pale blue benches I mentioned finding a great blue primitive cupboard as well.  Like most things I buy, I had intended on selling it, but this wonderful blue color made me want to find a spot in my own home for it.
After we took the tree down in the living room I had an idea that this might be the perfect spot for this cupboard and I already had all the blue glass bottles and jars and added some of my French books.  
I remembered I had this vintage painting of a snow scene with children ice skating which also works and am now on the lookout for a seascape to replace it in the Spring and will add more coral and shells.

I found these wonderful Ranunculus blooms the other day with their ruffled petals.

I'll be sharing the rest of this room later this week and a few more blues that have been added in.

Enjoy your week. It looks like our weather is going to consist of rain, rain and more rain! 


  1. It is such a beautiful shade of blue and I like how you have decorated it with the vintage blues and french books and painting. A seascape will be wonderful. Sea blues are the only color I usually have in my home...I never tire of its calm addition.

  2. What a great piece! I love how you have it displayed and can see why you kept it:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Wow, tolle Bilder. Das Blau ist wunderschön.
    Liebe Grüße

  4. This is just beautiful! I'm dying to paint another hutch like this :)
    Happy Day,

  5. You always do such a nice job styling your home. Someday I hope to get mine more organized and less daily clutter.

    Loving the blue cabinet !

  6. I love your new cabinet! It is the perfect shade of blue. I don't blame you for keeping it either! I also really like how you accessorized it with similar items throughout. that keeps it from looking cluttered. Simple blue glass, old books and flowers are beautiful.

  7. L*O*V*E the pretty pale blue you added to your pallete! Makes me think of Spring too...
    Have a beautiful week..

  8. Gasp...I love it! That blue is perfection! Such a wonderful piece!

  9. what beautiful pictures !!! I love the old parts !!! love greetings from angie

  10. Love that blue cabinet! It really looks great in there.


  11. Looking forward to seeing more. Love the blue.

  12. Your primitive cupboard is really beautiful and I love how you have decorated it. It looks so pretty and fresh. We're getting snow, snow and more snow on the east coast. Have a great week. Pam

  13. What a charming piece! You've accessorized it beautifully too (no surprise there! ;). Happy February! ~julie

  14. oooooh you're so lucky! I love this! I love all your stuff! ;)

  15. I love it...can't wait to see the rest of the room!!

  16. What a gorgeous cupboard! And hand made, just my style!!!! Is it the year of color or do you think some bloggers will remain all white. I tried it in my bedroom but I just love color and chaos too much! You are one or the other, right?

    1. I'm adding a little more color this year in faded blues too:)

  17. This cabinet is awesome Kathleen....I am SO glad you decided to keep it because pieces like this are getting much harder to find aren't they. It is the perfect blue! Love it and love the way you have styled it too.

  18. This cabinet is so very charming!!! Luv the shade of blue that it is painted and all your décor looks perfect in it. Sorry about all the rain, sounds like we are going to have some too.


  19. What a beautiful cabinet and decorations I love it!
    groetjes van Marijke

  20. Of course you kept this for your self, it's so lovely! I love the pale blue color. Together with the old bottles its a perfect combination. And like you discribes adding in the spring some shells and corals, it will look awesome too. Enjoy!!
    Lovely hugs, Peetje

  21. It's perfect for your home. I'm always drawn to blue, and I think I would add it too if I had that cupboard!

  22. Love your cupboard. And that blue is perfection! Simply lovely! I would have kept it as well!

  23. Perfect! Love it with all your little blue touches. Truly a keeper.

  24. I also would have kept that cupboard, it's lovely!!

  25. I LOVE that blue cupboard, and how you have added your treasures to it.
    I look around here all the time, but rarely comment. see you on FB too.

    could not resist oohing over this piece.

    be blessed

  26. Hi Kathleen, what a beautiful find! Love it all around... the blue is so gorgeous and your bottle collection is perfect ♥ xoxo, Alexandra

  27. Oh Kathleen, it's truly piece like your Bleu cabinet that make me wish it were mine. If I find good pieces and these French tones of the French seas then I leave the colour alone. I rarely find these aged authentic pieces that are perfect like yours, I find them in red, navy, Browns, terra cottas and then this forces me to paint it and then it loses something in its translation, it's perfectly placed with perfect vintage in it. Enjoy that piece and when you tire of it ship it to me!

    See you soon.
    Ps. If I find a huge armoire painted with this much life, I may add in a bit of coulor to my home :)

    You inspire.


  28. Love your pale blue's just beautiful all decorated.

  29. This piece has found the perfect home...I love it and how you've dressed it up!

  30. This cupboard is AWESOME!!! Unique and beautiful...