Tuesday, January 20, 2015

~New Items at Fleurs~

Last week I was able to take up some new items to Fleurs Vintage Charm and moved things around a little bit upstairs.  Enjoy! xoxo K.

This is the time of year that I like change in my own home after all the Christmas decor is taken down and usually get the urge to go shopping.  How about you?

This store is filled with all kinds of goodies for the home and garden.

It's beginning to look a little bit like Spring around here!
                                                          Fleurs Vintage Charm
                                                   1705 Willamette Falls Drive
                                                          West Linn, OR 97068



  1. This post's photos all bring back wonderful memories for me of the years I was involved with retail and the hunt, merchandising and sales of the large and small treasures that make people like me happy, oh so happy and a bit crazy...because it does become a sort of addition and definitely a PASSION. I am now in RECOVERY :)

  2. Very sweet and pretty thigs, love them :) This carriage and the chairs <3

  3. I'm always so excited to see what new treasures you bring into my shop!! Our passion for everything vintage is such a pleasure! Can't wait to see what you bring in next!!

  4. I like it! So many pretty items... Wish I could come over ♥ xoxo, Alexandra

  5. I spy some gréât pieces, that fire surround and mantel I would snag up in a minute.
    So wish I lived closer to what I would call a shopping experiance.

    See you soon dear.


  6. What a fun shop, I'll bet it's hard to eave empty handed. Jo

  7. I have been sick but one day will cross the river and visit the shop!

  8. It looks so pretty:) We did the same in our shop. Change is good, especially when we get to decorate.
    ~Debra xxx

  9. Hello Kathleen,
    You have a beautifull blog!
    I follow you!

    With love,

  10. I wonder how long it will take me to get up there :)))))) Love so many things in there, but who am kidding, no matter how many times I rearrange my furniture I just can't seem to gain any more square footage in this house!
    Have a great day Kathleen!

  11. Saved some of your photos for inspiration when we re-do the front of our shop for spring.....unfortunately, we have a little wait! Beautiful!

  12. I need the iron fencing love love love it !

  13. I NEED that white cabinet in the first picture! How much is it, and how much would it be to ship to southeastern North Carolina??? Never mind...just wishful thinking! The store is wonderful!

  14. mmm what a lot of lovely treasures !! good job I live far away or else I would need a bigger house !
    Gail x

  15. So pretty Kathleen! Inspiring me to brighten things up in my space for Spring (even though we have snow knocking on our door for the weekend).