Tuesday, July 22, 2014

~A Vintage Bicycle~

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer so far.  I know I am since this is my favorite time of the year.  I love when time allows me to putter in my gardens and water all my pots which is very soothing to me.

The Garden House has a new addition.....this wonderful vintage bicycle leaning against it's wall.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

I was fortunate to come across two vintage bicycles last Summer and figured I'd keep one and sell one.  I used the red one at Christmas time and you can see it HERE, but decided I was going to sell the white one(even though I secretly wanted to keep it too).  To my surprise it didn't sell, so I took that as a sign and brought it home where it looks like it was meant to be. 

The weathered fishing creel is a perfect basket to hold blooms like this lavender.

I admit it's seen better days and isn't able to be ridden any longer with it's flat tire and rusty seat, but items like this just seem to speak to me and want to be admired in any garden setting.

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  1. Oh how I wished I had my old, old bike! This is so cute. Love the wicker handlebar basket.

  2. ihre dekoration sieht super aus!!! angie

  3. Enjoyed reading you.
    WHERE have you been? I don't recall reading Faded Charm before!

    Nan, Odessa, DE

  4. oooo...çok güzel...ben de bu tarz bir bahçe kulübe yapmak istiyorum...ve bu çok hoş....çok beğendim. kaç metre kare?

  5. Hi Kathleen, it was a sign for sure :-) The bicycle is a real treasure and it looks lovely at the garden house...
    I am in love with that vintage bicycles. I am so happy that I found one in my husbands grandmas garage last week... It looks gorgeous and I can`t wait to show it on my blog.
    xoxo, Alexandra

  6. I love it....it is truly at home there!

  7. Your garden house looks so nice and I love the bicycle. You make me wish I had one.

  8. This is so pretty it looks like a scene in France.

  9. I love all the rusty bits - preloved!!

  10. Super Sweet. Love the old white bike. She looks so pretty with her lavender.

  11. Thanks for hosting! I am looking forward to checking out all the wonderful gardens!
    Garden Ponds Design

  12. Looks like it was meant to be! So charming against your shed. Glad you are loving summer!

  13. Good Evening Kathleen, I love how your bicycle is leaning against the wall, it looks like it is waiting for someone to hop on the saddle and take it out for a ride. I was visiting Convent Garden in London at Christmas time and saw a bicycle similar to your filled with flowers and at the time I thought it look gorgeous..... but not as lovely as yours.
    When you said you also had a red bike, I smiled, because I rode a red bicycle, which also had a wicker basket on the front, for years and years.
    I have really enjoyed my visit, so I have become your 3,180th follower.
    Best Wishes to you.

  14. Beautiful! The lavender is perfect in that basket.

  15. I think it looks perfect leaning up against your potting shed like that, Kathleen! It sounds like it was meant to be that you keep this one, too. Love the basket filled with lavender on it.

  16. Hi Kathleen, I noticed right away before I even read who's feature it was, I could tell it was you!
    Yes I am excited to be in the good company of so many of our friends. As for me being featured it was a shock to see me there. I was in Artful Blogging with a feature and then they used me in the following issue on there subscription advertisement then this Home small feature. They must have used the photo from my drop box. I was really surprised and so honored to receive any acknowledgement.
    Yours was a wonderful siting, I am going to take the time tomorrow to sit and read it from cover to cover....congrats girl! So well deserved, I am a big fan of yours :)

    Well, now onto your cottage garden cottage... You know how I love your rustic cottage and as for the white bike it totally charms. I have a friend here in town who has 3 small girls the tween age and she took my idea for her rustic shop that she named 3 sisters and we painted there old bikes tires and all in white, then hung them from the building wall in a row oldest daughters to the youngest it looked so cute with the shabby rustic headboard sign hanging above the bike saying 3 Sisters for her shop!
    Seeing your white painted bike made me recall the fun we had creating a conversation sign using white bikes!

    I adore all you created here, well I am off to get things tidied up and off for the night,

    See you soon,
    And thank you dearly for joying my heart with my old mirror taking on a new look over the French chest on a white painted floor :)


  17. I have absolutely enjoyed strolling through your blog as it serves as wonderful inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I do hope you will stop by and visit my blog to see some of my oil paintings, as I wish to try to return the favor. Kindest regards, Carolina Elizabeth http://carolinaelizabeth-art.blogspot.com/

  18. Oh how I would love to build a fabulous garden shed one day .. love yours and the vintage bike is a great addition...so very beautiful...like a bucolic scene in the French countryside.

  19. So gorgeous ! I LOVE your shed!! Must have missed that post? I will go hunting...lol!! :)

  20. What a sweet addition to the yard, it looks perfect just leaning there!

  21. I am very surprised that it didn't sell too, but must have been meant for you! It looks perfect with the basket and in your lovely setting. Your photography is always delightful, Kathleen!


  22. Awe....your blog is sooo yummy! I was looking for inspiration to do some re-decorating...I came to the right place! Love you blog..Thanks for sharing all the terrific ideas! Leticia

  23. That bicycle is just about too charming,don´t you just smile every time you pass it or see it outside in your garden - I know I would!!!!
    Love it,looking for an old bicycle myself….and that one happy day I´ll find it I am sure!!!
    Thanks for a lovely post that gave me a smile for sure!
    Tove :)

  24. Certainly looks right at home there! I have a vintage bike and love it also. I too find watering my pots very soothing. It's my daily ritual. lol! Hopped over from Tracies Garden Party. Love your little garden cottage as well.

  25. What a lovely blog! Love the bike, love the flowers, love the sweet porch... :-)

  26. What a sweet shed - and the bike is the perfect addition. You'll have everyone looking for a vintage bike!

  27. Perfect - I have love it, I'm going back to look at your red one.