Monday, June 16, 2014

~Beautiful Blooms~

My children are all officially out of school for the Summer and I'm hoping that with that, things will slow down a little.  I haven't posted in a couple weeks, partly due to Graduations, birthdays, dance recitals and parties plus the fact that our computer had been acting up so needed to to be taken in.  It was probably a good thing that I didn't have access to the internet for 5 days since I was planning my son's Graduation party at our house which we had a couple days ago.......let's just say I've been pretty busy lately!

My peonies were blooming like crazy and after cutting some and placing them in this enamel bucket before I took them in the house to make arrangements, I snapped a few(okay...a LOT)  of photos of these beauties just as the sun was going down one evening.  Enjoy! xoxo K.

I just love these delicate blooms with their ruffled petals in pale pinks. 

I can never get enough of peonies and was lucky to have an abundance of blooms this year with most of them getting cut before the heavy rains came to knock them down.

My son Graduated High School this year and this is one of his senior photos taken with his truck sporting the color orange of the college he will be attending in the Fall, Oregon State University to study Engineering.  

My youngest daughter also graduated 8th grade and this is a photo I took of her earlier this Spring for their class slide show.  Both were Valedictorians of their class  and we are so proud of them and all their achievements.  It's hard to believe I will have a son in college and two daughters in High School next year.....I wish time would slow down!!

Have a wonderful week.

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  1. Gorgeous photos Kathleen!! I too have taken a TON of peony photos this year. lol Your children are beautiful.

  2. First, congratulations to your children on their accomplishments.

    Second, oh what a lovely garden space. I have a similar table in my garden and you have inspired me to change up the vignette today with some lovely flowers.

  3. Soooo beautiful!! One of my favorites flowers for sure! Happy new week! xo Holly

  4. Congratulations to your darling son and daughter on their graduations. I loved their beautiful photos!
    Your son's photo with his truck is so cool!
    Your peonies are gorgeous Kathleen! Mine are just coming on and I will be in heaven then. Your photos are always so lovely and I enjoy seeing the lushness of where you live. And speaking of LOVE---your feature at Cottage of the Month was amazing. Just wonderful!
    sending hugs from here...

  5. Kathleen your children are beautiful and handsome! I love your peonies!! I shared mine today too.

  6. Congrats to your is a busy time of year with graduations. The entire H.S Senior year is busy!

    Three of my four children are in college. It is wonderful but I miss the ones whom are away. Two are home attending college. Next year only my youngest will be left. We just spend a weekend with all of them home, which may have been the highlight of our Summer.

    Your peonies are beautiful!
    Happy Summer to you.

  7. My peonies have long been gone.. yours are just beautiful!!! Your Grands are beautiful too. Enjoy your time with the family. They are blessed to have you! Blessings!

  8. Congratulations to all of you! That kind of achievement doesn't happen without lots of hard work and support. I hope you enjoy your summer break. Your peonies are wonderful! Such beautiful styling and photos.

  9. mjkelly1962@yahoo.comJune 16, 2014 at 12:54 PM

    Beautiful children I also have a son who just graduated from high school Such a bittersweet time He is our last child at home and actually leaves Thursday for Summer session at Florida State University!! My Husband and i are super proud but also uncertain about our new roles in life Have a great day Love your Blog MaryJane

  10. my peonies were not good this year, I was so disappointed. Yours are so beautiful. We had a horrible winter here in NW ohio. 40 below some weeks. maybe thats why. Your kids- young adults are amazing. They grow up sooooo fast. enjoy the rest of the summer. Did you know, I saw BACK TO SCHOOL clothes in the stores already. UGH! Why do they rush our lives away!

  11. Congrats to your kiddos graduating!
    Your flowers look so lovely. Such a lovely sight to see. I think the decorating blogs have worn out the Hydrangea's Welcome. Its nice to see another beautiful flower being featured. I've seen Peonies all over the place,this year. I've never had one growing here. Maybe I should do a little research and plant one the fall? spring? who knows!
    have a great week.

  12. Those peonies are gorgeous! I keep saying I am going to put some in my yard one of these days! Congrats on the graduations! Visiting from the Scoop.

  13. Gorgeous peonies in a beautiful setting....congrats to your son and good luck to him in college...your children are just beautiful.

  14. Ce bouquet de pivoine est un véritable enchantement... Ce sont des fleurs tellement merveilleuses avec un parfum si subtil. Je les aime particulièrement.
    Vos photos sont magnifiques, merci pour le partage.
    Mes félicitation pour vos enfants. Ils sont adorables.

    Gros bisous ♡

  15. I love the peonies and hope to have some in the garden of my next home.

  16. I love this flowers so much and your children looks so nice!

    Habe a beautiful summer ♥


  17. Do you leave that table out in the elements? Congratulations to you and your kiddos! Such great accomplishments! And what beautiful flowers - I love peonies but they don't love Florida weather so I get to enjoy them through your if only we could figure out how to smell through the computer! Thanks for sharing a beautiful post!

  18. Do you leave that table out in the elements? Congratulations to you and your kiddos! Such great accomplishments! And what beautiful flowers - I love peonies but they don't love Florida weather so I get to enjoy them through your if only we could figure out how to smell through the computer! Thanks for sharing a beautiful post!

  19. Great pictures of your kids, Kathleen! Time definitely does go too fast when it comes to our children. I love the pictures of your peonies in the fading light of day. I kept finding myself intrigued by the background of your property, which looks just lovely. It's like a tease seeing those shots. Do you have posts on your blog about your property that I can go back to read?

  20. Congratulations to your son! I just have to tell you that your home and garden are just beautiful. For many reasons, your style just suits and inspires me. Thanks for sharing Kathleen.

    God bless, Amy

  21. Such a beautiful bouquet!!! I love peonies, too, but I can't bear to cut them, and leave most of them outside... I think my favourite image is the 6th one...

  22. Your peonies are so gorgeous and lush and they look wonderful in your setting! I too did some peony arranging this year... :-)

  23. LOVELY flowers and LOVELY pictures....
    Take care,

  24. Oh Kathleen. A busy beautiful Life surrounds you, and what joys to watch it grow. (Children, grands, and gardens. )
    I am so engaged with your beauty, the floral vignettes are amazingly placed but, it's not just the vignettes that I am taken with but the beauty that I am sure never escapes you. Your back grounds are so awww inspiring, loving your fencing that traps in another beauty worth studying. The wooded trees frame your yard in like non-other down to the wood and wire gate. Pathways that I could imagine take your breath away anytime you want it to with one glance.

    Kathleen, it's just way to much beauty here.
    I have been painting roses over at my place ( new posting) could I set up a spot in your yard and never leave to paint my days away.


  25. So beautiful. Congrats to your kiddos graduating! Enjoy your time with the family. They are blessed to have you.
    House Decoration

  26. How gorgeous your peonies are (were!) Kathleen and congrats on your family's successes...xox, Janet

  27. What a busy time for you Kathleen. Your children have done you proud and I agree, it is scary how quickly their teenage years seem to disappear.
    I'm totally envious of your gorgeous peonies. I've always wanted to grow them but I believe it is too hot for them here where I live. I'll just have to be content with drooling over everyone's lovely photos in blogland.
    I hope the summer holidays slow things down a little for you sweetie.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  28. Your bouquet of peonies are so gorgeous. Lovely pictures.