Thursday, February 20, 2014

~Vintage Rosaries~

I've been drawn to and collected vintage rosaries for a while now.  As in all old items, I wonder who it belonged to and the journey it took to finally end up in my hands.  Some rosaries would have been used daily while others tucked in a drawer or hung to admire.

They are so delicate, yet have such a tremendous purpose.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

This one made of wood hangs proudly on my Mary statue in the living room.

I love how it looks with several hanging from this mannequin.   Most of my collection consists of crystal or white beads with the French Mother of Pearls being my favorite.

As with all of my collections, I eventually have too many and will then begin to sell them, such as this one.

You, too could own a special piece of history as this beautiful vintage rosary is available in my Etsy store.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  The sun is supposed to shine here....I sure hope they are right:-)

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  1. Lovely, the entire page is lovely.

  2. I too, collect rosaries and I have enjoyed finding beauty within them. I love your vignettes with rosaries and love the peacefulness they bring to each vignette. Beautiful post, Kathleen.

  3. I have been collecting them too...ever since I became Catholic four years ago. I too have mostly white, pearl, crystal beads with a few black beads and one JDL grey pearl. I love your mother of pearl one and all of the white ones hanging together. Beautiful. I still have yet to learn to pray the rosary...they did not teach us in our 8 mos. of RCIA.

  4. Beautiful Rosaries and post! My First Communion Rosary is probably vintage by now, lol! They are on style here in Ecuador, so lots of us wear them daily on our necks usually in sterling. They make bracelets with just 10 beads and a cross...very pretty too.

  5. What a fascinating collection. It has inspired me to beginning looking for one as a gift for a friend. I think it would be very special to her. Yours are beautiful, I especially like the way you have them hanging on the mannequin.

  6. Kathleen- Those are beautiful. I really love that second pearly one. My Aunt had some beautiful rosaries and I wonder now what happened to all of them. xo Diana

  7. They certainly can be very beautiful Kathleen. Yours look lovely displayed around your home.
    Kerryanne xx

  8. Breathtaking...The idea of all the time spent in reflection and prayer. Truly beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing and for such striking images.

  9. i too adore old rosary beads..what is it about them? they bring such a calming presence to wherever they rest. i don't know how you could ever part with any of them but with all "collectors" sometimes has "too much". lovely!

  10. Kathleen,
    These are just gorgeous. I have a special rosary that was my husband's Nana's. I love it. Your collection is just beautiful.

  11. Such pretty photos and vignettes. What a special treasure of a collection you have.

  12. These are so lovely!
    Our Shop Owner came across a big stash of vintage rosaries from Czech, they are a big seller at the shop!

  13. Stunning Kathleen! It feels as if Mary is surrounding all of us that are reading your blog today! Nothing more peaceful than having a pair of rosary beads in your hands - especially vintage ones!


  14. I loved this post and your pictures were the best of the best. I love your collection. It's funny what things that call our names. Thanks for the beautiful post my friend. . .

    Take care,

  15. Gorgeous!!! I have a small collection of vintage rosaries too, but none as lovely as your mother of pearl with the tiny heart. So very beautiful!!!

  16. I love the photography, display and the beauty you shared in this post. I too display vintage rosaries. Mine are from family and friends that I have loss. I believe there is a very powerful energy in them from prayer and feel honored to receive my loved ones rosaries. Your collection is stunning, oh my, beautiful mother of pearl.

  17. Your collection is so pretty, I have a pale pink one, I cherish it. It was a special gift to me when I was a young girl. I have it out on my night table.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful collection.

  18. So beautiful and inspiring. Your photos are spectacular.

  19. Beautifully done. The rosaries are so elegant against the wood. Your photography is top notch too. Thank you this was a feast for the eyes.

  20. So pretty. Love the way you display them.
    Great images.

  21. one of the, if not THE most soulful spiritual tangible things in the world. your art of display is wonderful!

  22. It's beautiful and like the girls before me said. You are an artist when it comes to display!

  23. Oh I love those too! I just found a wood rosary.Yours are beautifully displayed.

  24. I am a practicing Catholic, I love saying the Rosary. They are very peaceful. I'm so glad that everyone can find joy in the Rosary.