Monday, February 10, 2014

~A New Clock~

I've been wanting a new large clock for my living room. You might have seen a glimpse of it in my recent post sharing some green French bottles.

 I had envisioned something hanging above the stacked benches behind one of the sofas and of course would rather have an old one(maybe someday),but decided to look into a couple sources that sell reproductions.  Unfortunately, those prices just aren't in my budget either and I even considered making one from old wood until I decided to stop at World Market one day.  Enjoy! xoxo K.

I saw it right away and loved that it was square.  I wasn't completely  thrilled with the dark color, but it was marked down and I had a coupon for a little more off so decided to take it home and see how it looked.  Once I got it home I leaned it against the wall and fell in love....what do you think?  

The dark charcoal color seemed to fit right in with all the different patina's of wood and whites on the bench and it makes a nice statement on that wall.  I attached an old chain to the back to hang it from and like that added detail as well.

I seem to find more things I can't live without at World Market and now have my eye on some Tolex chairs.  You never know, they just might have to come home with me someday too:-)   

We were hit with a Winter storm last weekend and the kids still don't have school today.  It is melting now and the temps are supposed to get higher, so looks like we'll be back to plain old rain again, but this is what we saw from the back doors to our patio looking down to the frozen pond for the past few days.

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  1. I like everything about the clock and the arrangement. It is artfully done~ lovely!

  2. I love your new clock and the dark charcoal is the perfect accent in the room. Love the vintage ladder too!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. Yes, I love it, too. The chain adds just the right touch. I have become a huge fan of World Market lately. Just picked up a few lamps there on sale and with coupons too they were really reasonable! Nice find!

  4. It is fabulous and i may have to run to WorldMarket! My boys already think I have a clock obsession!;)

  5. I love the new clock! It's very much a statement piece in the room and is the perfect contrast to the other lighter neutrals in the room! I have also found quite a few things at world market lately that I would like to bring home with me too:)

  6. I love your stacked benches and the clock is absolutely perfect. What a fabulous find. Hugs, Marty

  7. The dark charcoal of the clock seems to anchor the other elements in the room. Its square shape is a nice contrast to the rounded ones underneath it.

  8. Simply put... I love, adore, covet, want and lust over your new clock!

  9. Looks WONDERFUL - just love it there. Well done. WM is so awesome, isn't it?

    Have a fabulous week!!

  10. Love the clock Kathleen. . . I love everything about it that you love. . . and it will be old someday. . .

    Happy thawing. . . ~d

  11. Kathleen,
    I love the clock it is perfect. I had to laugh when I saw your post I was just at World Market and saw that clock and loved it. So happy you found a great place for it in your home. It looks perfect.

  12. I love every single thing on this table and the table itself. Love the lamps, the candle holders, the finials, the little urn and even the seashell. That clock is working great against the wall and I love how you have it hung up. Gorgeous!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  13. Not only do I love your new clock I LOVE all that chippy goodness of the table below it!!

  14. I really like the contrast with all your whites and creams ~ good job!

  15. while I love your clock...there are LOTS of things about your living room I love!

  16. Love the clock! I think it looks perfect...Bonnie

  17. Hi Kathleen,
    Not only did we run to target for our baluster lamps, you can now run there or on line and get the tray.
    It's really constructed amazingly well, and the waxed shine finish sands off so easy. I didn't make it real clear that I even sanded all the edges and corners down giving it a warn look, it softened the hard edges and really makes the piece old. I saw one on line at William Sonoma andits $89,99 so $27.99 is a steal. I got mine for $34.99 and at that price I was so totally willing it looks and feels that food.
    Of course if all our friends are running down to get one as they say we might not have very creative vignettes down the line when everyone else is post there's :)

    Your new tin clock face is great, of course loving all you create here.
    I am on the band wagon to ordering Laura's plates, I need enough to serve up cakes for a wedding some day for my daughter who wants a prairie style French wedding and these plates will make a bold statement so I just need about a hundred!

    Before I leave, I am speechless with that back yard view, not fair at all, jealous, of course in a good way!


  18. I have never been to a World Market. We dont have one around here. I hope to someday go! Love your space. Love your blog! We have been hit with extreme weather also. Stay safe and warm. Blessings.

  19. It looks like it was always meant to be there. I still want a french chair from WM like you got for your dining. I like the tolex look but not feel.

  20. I love that clock! Thank you for sharing:)

  21. Love the clock! It looks wonderful in your beautiful living room!

  22. I love that clock, Kathleen! I think it looks great there. Love the addition of the chain.

  23. Love the clock it is fabulous. The accessories are really charming too!


  24. Love the dark grey with all of your other neutrals. Great display too.

    Judi in the UK

  25. I absolutely love the new clock and it looks it has always been there. It's really perfect. I would love for you to come and link this up to my Winter Blues Wednesday party going on right now. Hope to see you there.

  26. The clock looks very pretty with your things! I love the added chain. We don't have a World Market anywhere near us, but I love browsing there when I'm "back home" in L.A. {or on their website} I know the cold and snow can be a pain, but I'm pretty taken with that pretty winter scene outside your back door!

  27. Oh I think it looks perfect in your family room...I love all your decor come link up to centerpiece Wednesday and share this post with us.

  28. I love your new clock and also those benches behind your couch!!! Gorgeous!

  29. I LOVE the clock! I love that it contrasts so well with everything and just pops in your room Kathleen. What a beautiful addition to an already beautiful room!!! I have always adored your style and eye for making things so lovely around you. I don't have a World Market near me and maybe that's a good thing??? :D
    I imagine you are getting rain today as we are ( I saw the radar map) and it looks like another storm coming our way here in the northwest. It was snow this morning, but has turned to rain. Our area needs this so badly so I am happy to see it. Stay warm over there!
    sending hugs...

  30. I must admit, I have an addiction to clocks! This one is really beautiful - love the style! I don't care that much what time it is, I just love the European and old world styles of clocks - vintage ones too! Hugs, Leena

  31. I am in love with that table behind your sofa and all the bits and pieces. Oh how I wish my living room had the space for a sofa table. But then, I have no desire to have any other living room so I must not complain.

  32. Fabulous clock, Kathleen, and happy to hear it was a great buy! Wish we had a World Market around here. Just love the view from your back yard. Hope your weather improves. We've got snow today, but luckily not enough to cancel school!

  33. It's perfect! I love your stacked benches too. Very creative use.

  34. really love this, Kathleen. the black clock really grabs your attention!

  35. LOVE the new clock, ADORE the finials!!