Monday, August 12, 2013

~A Romantic Vision~

Happy Monday!  It feels so good to have finally finished my Master Bathroom and I'm really happy with how it turned out.  

I kept envisioning in my mind how I wanted this room to look and already had all the stuff, but it was finding the time that was the problem.  I've been working out in my gardens so much this Summer that I decided to take a break and work inside for a while and this is what I accomplished.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

I love my clawfoot tub and just wish I had more time to use it.  It is painted Grant Beige from Benjamin Moore.

The shower area has sliding doors and when taking photos decided it needed something a little more romantic to flow with the rest of the room.  I grabbed some curtains and hung them up and have to say, I love how they look.  The only problem is the convenience issue since this shower gets used daily.  

This shelf  shows my love for the beach with shells, sponges and coral along with some of my apothecary bottles.

More sea life inside a white weathered urn along with a chandelier and iron piece, both with lots of patina fill this corner of the bathtub.

As you walk into this bathroom you will see a dresser that we turned into a vanity when we built out home by adding a sink and all the drawers are great for storage.  We also inserted a vintage medicine cabinet into the wall above this lovely chair and the walls are painted Elephant Tusk from Benjamin Moore to keep the flow from the bedroom with beadboard on the bottom half.

A small wood shelf fits this area nicely to display a mirror collection, more vintage bottles and some extra towels.  A curtain on the bottom gives me a little more storage for all those bathroom necessities. 

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  1. It is gorgeous! I love your tiny intimate details, like the soap holder on the tub, your statues, and the placement of each object. I think the curtains look lovely on the shower and have used drapes on a shower before, myself!

  2. Oh, what a dream your bathroom is!

  3. Your bathroom is so beautiful!

    I must say... I was so happy to read this:

    ***I kept envisioning in my mind how I wanted this room to look and already had all the stuff, but it was finding the time that was the problem.***
    Not happy like -glad- to -see -you- struggling -happy.NO!
    Happy that I'm not the only one that has this same difficulty.
    thank you for sharing your beautiful transformation.

    ...I'd soak in that tub everyday! Pat

  4. OMG, You always create such beauty in all you do!! I love everything you've done.

  5. Wow! It looks great. I love how it all works well together. The flowers add a nice finishing touch.

  6. oh, your bathroom is so beautiful, so inviting and warm!!


  7. You have a CHAIR in your bathroom(which is the size of my apt.)omg it is so pretty...with all its lovely treasures..its safe to say I could live there....really! x0x0

  8. This is absolutely lovely. I am gathering ideas to use in a small powder room and I love what you did. Thank you~

  9. Your bathroom turned out just great. I love the shower curtain (even though it is not convenient) and the tub, too. You did a wonderful job! xo Diana

  10. It's lovely and very serene and calm looking.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! Your sense of detail is just superb and always adds just the right touch!

  12. I just love your bathroom!! It's gorgeous! You did such a lovely job, love all the "old" stuff too! :) Happy Tuesday! xo Holly

  13. Love all the details-the wall shelf, the bottles, the chippy frames, the chair-all gorgeous!

  14. Can I be in love with a bathroom? I am with yours! It's just beautiful and peaceful.

  15. I really love what you did with your sink. Very cute.
    Have fun soaking away!

  16. Wow, so gorgeous!!! I love all the details, you really have so much talent and a great eye!


  17. A vision indeed! This is truly beautiful, You did an amazing job. I LOVE it!!

  18. The shower curtain is my favorite part. It looks beautiful you must be so happy. Michelle /

  19. Hi Kathleen,

    All that fresh air did you (AND US!!) good! This is truly a beautiful bathroom, romantic, feminine and well thought out. Love the ruffled curtains, even if it is just for styling purposes as practicality is an issue!! Thanks for making me smile!


  20. Hello from Germany, Kathleen!!!

    All I can say: BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

    Your bathroom (AMAZING!!!), your blog and even the name of your blog ist so wonderful!! I love it!

    Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

    All the best and greetings from overseas,

    Lony x

  21. There are so many great ideas and cute touches here. I love your collections. What a pleasure it would be to have such an adorable bathroom!

  22. Kathleen it looks wonderful! I am always in awe when I stop by to visit. Thanx for linking up to THT!

  23. GORGEOUS Kathleen!!! You are amazing with your decorating style and talent! I am getting ready to do a bathroom makeover and wondered what kind of tile do you have in the shower?

  24. just perfectly "you"!! this bath is a little slice of heaven. I'd never get anywhere, I'd just want to stay there all day!

  25. This room is beautiful...your personal touches make the space very special!

  26. your lovely style makes this room so very charming, kathleen! adorable chair! thanks so much for your visit and sweet comments on my shed:)

  27. how nice are those curtains =)
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too :)

  28. Love your blog!New follower, hoping you'll follow back :)

  29. You know how to do white so well. Beautiful, all the different textures. I love all of it, the chair, frames, the dresser, wood with white. Alaina

  30. У вас очень красивый дом! Моя мечта - иметь такую ванную комнату!!!

  31. Beautiful Kathleen! Your claw tub is amazing! I would love to renovate our bathroom someday.Love all the details.Yes that curtain really looks pretty but I guess it would be a pain to slide back and fourth....unless you added those clip on cooks it would slide easier.

  32. So much beautiful detail, love love everything, would be please to have that bathroom. newest follower

  33. It is so beautiful! So many wonderful and unique elements added that give it so much character. Just gorgeous!

  34. it is truly a beautiful room Kathleen! You have created a gorgeous space to enjoy everyday! SO many lovely things all coming together to accomplish it too.

  35. Your bathroom is very pretty and spacious too! So many lovely details.

  36. Kathleen,
    You always inspire me with all your wonderful ideas that you have for your always looks sooooo PRETTY! Thanks for sharing at my party this week. I am going to feature you at the party on Monday.


  37. This is a truly stunning bathroom! Oh, how I wish I had a large bath like this. This should be kn a magazine!

  38. Your bathroom turned out so beautiful. I love all the vintage metal pieces you have: the candelabra, the wall shelf, the table - all so pretty! I also think it was so smart that you offset the sink to the side. People always center the sink but you have more useful counter space that way.

  39. Kathleen, this is exquisite! I could not have even dreamed something this perfect. You have touched on everything white, vintage, gorgeous, chippy and relaxing! This bathroom is perfection!

  40. I agree with everybody else, I want this bathroom. I've been looking at my blog back 5 years. I've also been reading all of the comments. Kathleen, you have visited me so much and have been so sweet, I just wanted to thank you again for all of the inspiration and support I've receive from you. I'm trying right now to figure out how to download my camera onto this new lap top.

    big hugs,

  41. Kathleen, I love each and every little detail you have in this beautiful room. All the elements come together to create such a beautiful space. congratulations on an amazing make-over.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  42. Thank you Kathleen,
    I am equally inspired by you, I am so ready to move into your home truly.
    I often like this posting of yours see so many similarities in the things we gather and collect with a patina that speaks to us.

    Thank you for your beautiful friendship, it's bonding friendships like blogging that inspires the best in all of us.
    Thank you for this late night inspiration I will take from you to my dreams.


  43. What a lovely blog! I am enjoying all of your photos and posts and am now following you. Great inspiration! Keep it up!

  44. Hi Kathleen,
    I think your blog is wonderful and first saw it over at Eclectically Vintage in one of Kelly's house tours. I have a little blog of my own and would love to share the post from Kelly's blog with my followers if that would be alright with you. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Have a great day.

  45. Found this on still my heart!! Love what you did and am so thankful for inspiration because once we are finished in our master bedroom we're on to our kitchen, then bath! Been trying to find a claw foot tub....fingers crossed!

  46. Love all you have done with your beautiful home. Our older home has a claw foot tub similar and because of lack of space we added an upscale shower head to the tub itself, using a surround of clear plastic curtain. Have more to do for the decorating . Thanks for all the great ideas.