Thursday, March 14, 2013

~First Blooms~

The very first thing to bloom in my garden is my hellebores.  I always know that Spring is on it's way when these beauties appear.  We are still enjoying mild dry weather here in the PNW and I am loving it. 

The next thing to bloom will be my forsythia bush and while pruning the branches yesterday, I brought some inside so I can force them to bloom.  Hopefully I'll be able to share those with you soon.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

One of my angel statues next to my hellebore blooms.  I hope you are all enjoying your week so far.  Joining Debra for Be Inspired Friday today.



  1. Hellebores are such beautiful flowers. I love them!
    Yours have really a nice color.
    Our forsythia bush is on its way too and will bloom soon.
    Much love, Dina

  2. Such a beautiful sight. We are still cold here in Ontario and waiting another batch of snow on the way. Soon ~ sigh ~ it will be spring ;-)

  3. So glad you are having some nice weather to enjoy.
    It is already crazy hot here. 17* above normal.
    So everything is blooming like crazy and allergies are nutso.

  4. oh lucky you!! It's still been too chilly to do anything outside, but soon!!

  5. i think I tell you every year how much I miss forsythia.. : (

  6. This is definitely my favorite time of year seeing everything that is in bloom and I too am enjoying this weather here in California, we have been in the high 70's to 80 degrees =) Wishing you a lovely weekend, Xo, Ashley

  7. I don't have hellebores, but our weather here has been great, too (Eagle) I spent M & Tu bringing out all my goodies from the garage. I also set out my potted over-wintered geraniums and salvia, which are all greening up ~

    Love it!!!

    Happy Gardening ~

  8. We have a few little blooms here and there and they are so beautiful. I bring them in when I can.

    Love your little garden statue.

  9. They are beautiful..
    Can't wait til Spring is here..

  10. Awwww their gorgeous! I'm in NW Indiana and I still have hellebore blooms yet, but hopefully soon! Yours look so romantic next to the statuary.

    Take care!

  11. What a lovely header you have for your blog, so appropriate for the name along with your pretty pink hellebore is for your first spring flower. No sign of mine and they should be in bloom by now, so I'm thinking something has eaten them. We do have a lot of bugs here. I'll be following you to see what else you show from your garden, as I also love my garden.

  12. oh on BC's west coat we are not dry! but that is a treat!
    You garden is so pretty...we have our Cherry blossoms starting and that is such a treat...the Forsythe is not budding yet! Funny how a few hundred miles makes a big difference...oh yikes ...we just had thunder!..hahah

  13. Magnifique ces Héllebores!!!!!!!!!!!!! J'aime leurs teintes crèmes veinées de rose!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bonne journée

  14. How wonderful for you! We still have frozen earth, and snow! ugh!!!
    Thank you for sharing your garden, and what Spring looks like at your house Kathleen. It gives me hope that Winter might actually end....soon.