Tuesday, March 20, 2012

~White Wednesday # 144~

I'm still trying to bring a little Spring into my life and since the weather doesn't seem to want to cooperate (forcast for the next two days: 100 percent chance of rain) I'm having to improvise.

I think these primroses are so pretty with their sunny yellow centers.  I've added a few to my porch to help brighten my day.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

I love how this pot only has traces of white paint left.

This is a new birdcage and I'm still deciding if I want to sell it or keep it on my porch for a while.

I'd like to introduce Michele over at SummerSoul as my March featured blog. 

I love her fresh outlook on decorating her home.  She uses lots of french elements and tons of European grainsacks which she makes into pillows, table runners, slipcovers etc....

If you like her look make sure you take some time to check out her Etsy store as well where she sells many items that she makes:-)


  1. Yay, I'm number one! That never ever happens - lol! I love that fleur de lis pillow! Thanks for hosting!


  2. I love that bed! Me want!!! I also like the chippy pot. I experimented and painted one last summer and then pressure washed it! It turned out shabby and chippy too.

  3. Thank you for linky. Love your spring pictures.

  4. Your primroses are very pretty, Kathleen. Great feature on SummerSoul. Love her style. Thanks for hosting.

  5. I will have to go over and check Michele's blog out, her items are beautiful! Thank you for the party! t.xoxo

  6. Such pretty primroses Kathleen! And I love that birdcage - definitely keep it.
    Thanks so much for hosting each week,

  7. Love the birdcage! I have a hard time passing them on too! I just love Michele's style too! Nice feature. I hope you get some sun soon! Thanks for bringing so much white into my life, Kathleen!

  8. Such pretty whites today Kathleen. I love the birdcage. Thank you for hosting the party.


  9. I am looking for new pillows so will check out her etsy store. I adore your white birdcage. I featured two cages on my blog today too. Thank you for hosting and happy WW. xo

  10. Hi~~ So glad you are featuring Michele. She has a great blog and beautiful Etsy shop. I am not biased even though she happens to be my sister in law;)
    All Linked up this week. Thanks for hosting

  11. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful linky party. I am thrilled to be a part of it! Lovely pictures as always!

  12. I've been admiring this blog for ages, and finally decided to join in. Your photographs and style are beautiful.

  13. Primroses and birdcages and birds oh my! lovely pics, it's spring! great party...


  14. Happy White Wednesday and Happy Spring Kathleen! It rained all weekend and Monday here but today is just the perfect sunny, Spring day. Hope your weather improves soon. Wishing you a wonderful day. I thought I'd join in the fun this week. Thanks for hosting.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  15. Ohhh, keep the birdcage. It has just the right amount of chippiness! Cute bird inside, too!!

  16. Loving your birdcage and that pot with traces of white paint. I specifically look for those kinds of pots. I think some people think I am nuts, but that is okay! ha!!

  17. I love your pretty yellow and white primroses. The vignette with the flowers, the aged flower pot and cage is lovely. Thanks for introducing Michel, I'll go over and tour her blog. Thanks for hosting.

    The French Hutch

  18. Hey Kathleen, I Love your birdcage, it's fabulous. I would have trouble selling that one too. And Michelles blog is wonderful. Thanks for introducing us to her.

  19. White is so inspiring for spring... just waitin' for the white peonies! Thanks for hosting!

  20. Beautiful!
    ... Happy White Wednesday :) Thank you for hosting!!

    Greetings from Australia♥

  21. Hello Kathleen!
    Love that birdcage...I would be keeping it!
    I am already a fan of Michelle's and am lucky enough to have won one of her pillows!

  22. Thanks so much for hosting. I am happy to be joining in this week.

  23. Hellooooo Kathleen...
    This post is definitely ONE-OF-MY-FAVORITES!!! LoVe that "Rusty BirdCage & PeRfeCtLy ChiPPy WHITE Clay Pot!"*!*! The BirdCage roof line is just Fab... AND - I'm anxious to hop on over to SUMMER SOUL'S BLOG!!!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  24. So pretty! I must go visit that blog! Thanks for sharing!

  25. oh my..I would so KEEP the birdcage! Toooo sweet! As for Michele Louise over at Summer Soul...I'm already a HUGE fan! She's so wonderfully creative and talented. I just ADORE her style! Lucky me....I won one of her gorgeous French grain sack pillows recently! So divine! Happy WW Kathleen;)

  26. Oh, love your white primroses! I usually go for the color ones, and now I am going to take another look at the white. Such lovely photography too. Thank you for hostessing us for to showcase our white!
    Gayle from Behind the Gate

  27. I love the little terra cotta pots in the bird cage! I just got a bird cage and I have been searching for little goodies to display, thanks my brain is reeling!

  28. Kathleen. I cannot thank you enough for featuring my blog. What kind words! I love your pot! Always look for those. Merci bien!

  29. Nothing makes me smile bigger than a little spot of sunshine smiling back at me!
    Have a wonderful day in spite of the rain!

  30. Your new birdcage is so sweet ~ I don't think I could sell it if it were mine!

    Susan and Bentley

  31. Oh! such pretty primroses! Your bird cage is wonderful!
    Thanks for showing us Michels home ...such cozy softness!

  32. What a pretty birdcage!
    It corresponds very good with your primeroses - I think springtime will come now! :o) But for safetys sake I send some flowers and a bit of sun to you:
    Hugs, Traude

  33. Great spring vignettes, the birdcage is so shabby wonderful. Thanks for hosting.

  34. I love birdcages Kathleen and would have to keep that perfect rusty white one! Thank you for letting me show my creative table I made - I have having so much fun putting sweet things in all it's many cubbies!

  35. the birdacage is really good

    we have had temperatures in the 80's over 2 weeks now . didn't have any winter really however I am ready for spring, need to mow my yard this week end if the rain stops

    I always like stopping by here

  36. Hi Kathleen, I'm a little late for the party, just linked up, those little primroses are precious, I'm on the hunt for them here! On my way to check out Summersoul. xoxo

  37. Hi Kathleen,
    Your birdcage is very inspirational...so is the flower pot with the old paint. The images from Michele's blog are beautiful too! Thanks for introducing her to us,and for hosting the White Wednesday.

    Happy week to you!

  38. Hi there!! I linked up my blooms post this week- they are pink blooms but in my white kitchen- hope thats okay! If not -please feel free to delete! Thank you so much for hosting! :)

  39. I'm so glad you featured Michele. Her blog is delightful -- and a visual treat! -- just like yours.

  40. Hi! Kathleen,

    Oh! soooooo sweet. The Primroses are so refreshing! Love the contrast with the birdgage. Very Nice!

    Just love Michelle's blog. She is an amazing artist. Her creations are truly unique. Love them!

    Thanks! for sharing this lovely post. Hope you stop by my website....I am having a Giveaway! All are welcome to enter the draw.

    Have a fantastic week! I'm off to visit SummerSoul.

    Blessings & Hugs,

  41. The primroses are so photogenic! I have to go get some of those. Beautiful shots with your new camera Kathleen! Thank you for hosting!

  42. The spots of yellow in those flowers make the white all the more beautiful (if I'm making sense....)

  43. I have never seen primroses that color before! I want......
    wonderful pix!!!

  44. Hi Kathleen
    Beautiful pictures and your primrose is lovely. I hope the sun come out for you soon. Jody is in FL soaking it up!
    Your featured pictures are wonderful, love those chairs.

  45. Kathleen, Tag! You're it! I just tagged you, come over and join in the fun! http://decoratewithalittlebit.com/2012/03/27/tagyoure-it/ Little Bit