Tuesday, July 26, 2011

~White Wednesday # 110~

Well I finally found some warm sunny weather at a resort a few hours from our home where my family and I are staying this week.  It feels great and I love being able to spend quality time with my kids while on vacation.

So I just have a quick post and a few simple photos to share today.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.   

Friday, July 22, 2011

~A Bit of Inspiration~

I bought a couple new lavander plants a couple weeks ago, but hadn't had time to get them planted.  I also found one of these old canvas buckets while junking and decided to put my lanander in it until I can get it planted in the ground.  These buckets are fun for so many things and this one has the letter "US" stamped on it so I'm assuming it was used in the military.  To find more inspiring posts and ideas, hop on over to Debra's blog Common Ground for her VIF party.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy! xoxo K.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~White Wednesday # 109~

I was hoping to share some photos of whites on my porch today, but alas...more rain and dreary skies is what I woke up to again this morning.  Hopefully there will be some sun shining for me for next week's post....I mean it is Summer, right?  If you are living in the PNW, you might begin to wonder.

Luckily I had some photos saved that I had taken of some roses from one of my favorite wild rose bushes that was loaded this year in a sea of white that smelled heavenly everytime you passed by.  I love to spread these in different areas in the house since their blooms don't last very long.   Enjoy! xoxo K.

One place they usually end up is in my pitchers under my scale by my kitchen sink where I can enjoy them while cooking in the kitchen. 

Today my featured blog is Lara over at Air Kiss.  She always amazes me with her beautiful photos and lovely vignettes she shares.  I'm showing a few of her latest photos with just a "pop" of color.  To see more hop on over to her blog which is filled with inspirational decorating and photography ideas.   Make sure you allow plenty of time to get inspired:-)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~White Wednesday # 108~

I had fun this weekend searching for vintage goodies and rusty junk and added a few of my finds to my mantel.  I've been searching for the fan type pieces of coral for some time now and got lucky enough to find two.  I think one will make it's way to my bathroom for my shelf with apothecary items.

I also found this unique piece of sponge that reminds me of fingers in the same booth. 

I wanted to add this old piece of paper with french writing on it, but couldn't make it stand on it's own.  I clipped it to a clipboard for now and can't decide if I like it there or not...it might look better in my office.  Just a few additions to give it a beachy feel just in time for the warm lazy days of Summer.  Enjoy! xoxo K.

Today I'm excited to feature Jacqueline from Cabin & Cottage.  Ever since I stumbled upon her blog I've been so amazed at all her wonderful vignettes.  She also shares many different types of table settings which is always fun to get ideas from.  I hope you enjoy some of her photos and if you haven't visited her before, please take some time stop by:-)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

~Beautiful Garden Blooms~

While visiting my Mom and Dad on 4th of July, I couldn't resist taking some photos of her gorgeous garden.  Her whole backyard and patio are just bursting with color, garden art and statues.  She has a brick patio filled to the brim with pots overflowing with blooms.  Ever since I can remember my Mom has had a yard full of flowers and my Dad grows an amazing vegetable garden.  This must be where I get my love of being out in the sun digging in the dirt.  When we first purchased our property they both gave us many starts of shrubs, roses,vegetables, berries and perrenials to help us get our garden going. Hope you enjoy some of her blooms. 

I'm linking this post to Cottage Flora over at Fishtail Cottage.  Stop by to see everyone's blooms and to thank Tracie for hosting such a fun party.  Enjoy! xoxo K.   

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~White Wednesday # 107~

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.  This Summer is already flying by, but at least we are finally feeling summer like temperatures.  Today I'd like to share a vignette in my bathroom with a trio of mirrors and some apothacary jars and bottles.  I'd been looking for a third mirror that had a rounded top to complete this area and was lucky enough to find one the day I met Rebecca at Monticello's about a month ago.  I loved all it's chippiness and the old glass is always a must.  I really like them paired with all the glass jars and bottles.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

I was so excited to get to meet Rebecca and she didn't disappoint.  We talked and shopped like we'd known each other forever.  Her and her daughter, Jody were getting ready to do Farm Chicks and are now in the process of getting ready for the Horton's of Tipton Sale this weekend.  I so wish I could be there to see what this fabulous duo put together...they are both so sweet and I really enjoyed getting to meet both of them.  

Today I'm featuring a blog that I've recently found called Michella Marie.   I've been drawn to ruffles lately and this girl has them down.  I loved this ruffled apron she made and also this lampshade. 

But you have to check out her tent she created.  Michella has a booth at The Antique Gallery in Texas and she calles her space The Gypsy Caravan.  Don't you just love this?  It's so dreamy and the ruffled edge is just perfect.  She also has an Etsy site, so take a moment to stop by and check it out!