Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~White Wednesday # 84~

Has it already been a week since I last posted? Doesn't seem that long ago and I don't feel like I got very much done in the last week. I seem to have a hard time staying focused this time of year. I always blame it on the weather, but it might also be because I have so many things going through my head that I'd like to get done that it's a bit overwhelming.

I did get out and do some junking last Friday and found a few goodies. I've been looking for some old letters and envelopes for a while now. I have a great old architectural piece that I wanted to use to display them. I finally found some and had a good time reading through them.....at least trying to decipher the handwriting. Most of them were from 1885 and written by a daughter to her mother. Stamps back then were only 2 cents and their stationary and envelopes were so fancy along with everything handwritten in cursive. Enjoy! xoxo K.

Here I show an old photo of someone who I could picture having written these letters so long ago.

Lastly I would like to tell you about a wonderful giveaway for a beautiful book called Belle Blanc. Make sure you go over and check it out. This is definelty a book I'd love to have to add to my collection of decorating books.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~White Wednesday # 83~

I couldn't wait to share this wonderful primitive cupboard I recently purchased. It is white, chippy and aged to perfection, not to mention it weighs a ton. They just don't make these like they used to. So the story behind this cupboard is......every once in a while I'll get on Craigslist in hopes of finding a primitive cupboard and usually don't have any luck or they are asking too much. This particular day I find one that is amazing and in my price range so I email to see if they still have it. Wouldn't you know that when she replies it's actually someone I know......the ever so talented Natalie from Sparrow. This cupboard is perfect and I love that it came from someone I know and she told me they brought it back from Texas. So now I can say I own a piece of history all the way from good ole Texas and I didn't even have to go to Marburger to get it(even though I'd love that opportunity some day).

I really couldn't wait to share this beauty with you, so I didn't even have time to fill all the shelves yet. Here are a few shots of some things I just put together this afternoon and when time allows I'm going to go through my ironstone stash and fill her up. I might put some brown transferware also. I'm up for suggestions.....what would you fill this cupboard with? Enjoy! xoxo K.

This is an oldie....true beadboard and old hardware.

This is a shot taken through a mirror on the opposite wall.

Friday, January 14, 2011

~Living Room Inspiration~

Since it's Vintage Inspiration Friday over at Debra's today, I thought I'd share with you what I have in mind for some changes in my living room. I'd like this room to have a very neutral background with some bits of natural elements thrown in here and there and lots of texture. I've been working on it a little, but still have some areas that need work.

These are some photos of where I got my inspiration out of Flea Market Style- Summer 2010 magazine. Her name is Jocie Sinauer and I love the style she created in her 1904 farmhouse.

Here are a couple shots of an area in my living room where I've taken two benches and stacked them one on top of another to make a shelf. This is an area on this shelf that shows the feel I'm going for. What do you think?

I'll be happy to share the whole room with you when everything is finished and am hoping by posting bits and pieces of my projects it will keep me motivated to get them done. Also, be sure to stop in for WW this week where I'll be sharing a wonderful old beadboard cupboard I just purchased.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~White Wednesday # 82~

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far and staying warm. Temps have been chilly around here again. A tropical vacation sounds so nice right now, but since that isn't a possibility I'll just show you another collection of mine......white enamelware. It is so clasic and can be used inside or out in so many ways. My favorite is the pitcher especially when they have worn spots of black showing through. We have some french doors dividing our entryway and dining room which we put a shelf above to hold some of my collection. Loving how the dried hydrangeas look inside the bucket. I can't wait to be able to go out and pick some fresh flowers from my garden to fill a couple of these pitchers, but I guess for now I'll just enjoy them up on my shelf. xoxo K.

This is my latest one that I purchased from my sweet neighbor Michelle from My Shabby Passion at the Christmas Show. I truly enjoyed gettingto know her and loved all her vintage treasures.

Friday, January 7, 2011

~Junk Salvation~

Now that the christmas Show is over I did a little makeover on my space up at Monticello's. It's always good to move things around and add some new eye candy for the shoppers. Here are a few pics that I had time to take of how it turned out. I'm linking up with Debra for her VIF over at Common Ground. Enjoy! xoxo K.

I also want to bring to your attention a great show that I am excited to be a vendor at on February 5th. It's called "Junk Salvation" (I just love this name) and is put on by The Funky Junk Sisters from Washington. Hop on over to their site to get all the details and you can click on the coupon at the top of this post and print it to receive $ 1 off admission. I also put some of these coupons in my booth if you happen to be in shopping you can grab one or even a few to give to some friends and make a day of it. There is a great line-up of vendors for this show and I'd love to meet you so make sure and stop by and introduce yourself.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

~White Wednesday # 81~

Welcome to the first White Wednesday of 2011 and it's a winter wonderland at my house. We came home from our vacation to snow and the temps have been so cold that it's still all here. Even our ponds are frozen over. I took some photos of my garden area in all it's frozen glory....I tried to capture the frozen clusters on the plants, but the light and my (not so great ) camera weren't cooperating with me. I'd really love a new camera like some of you lucky ladies have been getting lately, but not in the budget right now so you'll have to bear with me and my photo abilities. I hope you enjoy....I know I like the view much better from inside the house than out in the cold...brrr. xoxo K.