Thursday, November 3, 2011

~It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas~

As we all know it can never be too early to sell Christmas items in the retail business.  When I found out I was going to be in the window space at Monticello's for November, I knew I wanted to decorate it for Christmas and already had some cool pieces that would look this awesome mantel and vintage feather tree.  

I'm all set up and thought I'd share some photos with all of you who don't live close enough to see it in person.  If you do, these displays always look better in person and you might just find something you just can't live without, so stop by sometime.  I'll be there for the whole month:-)

It was getting dark when I was finally done and able to take the pics, so some are a little dark and it is a hard area to get photos of the whole area.  These ones at the end are from outside so you can have a better idea.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

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  1. So beautiful! I love that Christmas season is here :)

  2. Very Pretty, I am sure that window is going to be the center of attention...

  3. OH MY
    it looks like an old fashion Christmas Window!!
    I love it.
    I would want to buy it all, LOL
    You are sure to draw tons and tons of people in with a great window like this!
    Good luck,

  4. Wow, looks amazing. If I were walking by the window, I would flip out and take down anyone in my way to get inside! Well, probably not, but I sure would stop dead in my tracks with my jaw dropping.

    Good thing you took pictures....I'm sure it'll sell out quickly.


  5. Your booth display looks great! I love it....

  6. I wish I lived close because I know I could spend all day here! This gets me really excited for Christmas!


  7. LOVE IT! I would be honored if you would share over at my linky party! This is my 2nd linky party and my goal is at least 100! I have a way to go, so anyone reading this...PLEASE feel free to join!

  8. Kathleen,
    It's not just looking like Christmas, it is looking wonderful!
    HO HO HO and jingle bells...I started on some of mine today! :D


  9. Your booth looks amazing! I went out and bought some decorations for my shop tonight! All white of course! Do tell, what kinda of tree is that in the corner! Looks sorta spiraled around something?

  10. OMG, what a wonderful and magical window display. You have done a lovely job.


  11. It truly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The pics are wonderful.


  12. Got to see your window display and it looks fabulous!! I think you should have that spot on a permanent basis!! You are amazing!!

  13. Oh I love everything! Hoping to do my house this year in whites :)
    Fancy Frugal Life

  14. Oh my! How I would love to see your display in person. It looks so beautiful! The feather tree is charming. I had one but when I moved I gave it to a friend. I'm back in town and would love to ask for it back but don't want to be an Indian-giver :( Yours is so fun!

  15. Ummm ... OK, I officially want the entire window. Will that be a problem ...? :)~
    I need to get up there!!!
    My mom wants to come along, too ... maybe next Saturday.
    Is tomorrow good for me to bring that pie safe? I'll just leave it in the back of the car ...

  16. Wow, I'm so impressed. So do you want a space at Country Roads? I know the commute is a bit long but you would do great. I LOVE what you did with the window. How did you get such a good pix through the glass. Did you take it at night? Thanks for sharing, love it all!

    Take care, Sue

  17. Beautifully done! :)

  18. Looks like a winter wonderland! Beautiful. Love that big mantel.

  19. Everything looks amazing!! I just can't wait to make it up to your store someday!!
    Happy holidays!

  20. Your window display is awesome! I so wished I lived near there! We have cousins who live in Portland, and we always waste time visiting at there silly time we're meeting them at Monticellos! lol

  21. Words escape me - it's so beautiful - I would love to see it in person, if only.

  22. kathleen....your window looks amazing!! love so many things ..(i won't say..cuz...i'm coming up there for the Christmas show!!!)
    So....can't wait to see you agian..xoxokathee

  23. What a beautiful, inspiring blog. Your treasures are awesome. I have joined your followers list and invite you to join my followers list; as well,I hope you will grab a blog button. Hugs, Gayle

  24. Hey Kathleen!
    Thank you for doing the November window and such a beautiful display! Sorry everyone...the feather tree has already sold! Things go extra fast in that magic window!


  25. Hi Kathleen!
    The window looks gorgeous!!!! You did a fantastic job girlfriend!! I hope hope I can get down there very soon....:)


  26. Oh my gosh, Kathleen, your window is fabulous!!! So glad you linked up for the party!! xoxo

  27. Hi Kathleen,
    Your booth is truly beautiful! I'm in love with your feather tree and of course everything else in your space...sure wish I could shop it!! I'm with need to join us at Country Roads!!! Your window photo and displays are fabulous!
    Wishing you a very successful month!

  28. Yes, I love it. Just beautiful.

    Hugs Bente

  29. It all looks fantastic. I would love to spend an hour or three looking through it all. I know I would get home with lots of packages.

  30. Hello Kathleen ! wow your window looks fantastic and I want it all !!! such nice goodies, I'm feeling all Christmassy and it's only the beginning of November haha !
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Gail x

  31. What a beautiful display Kathleen. The window is stunning. So dreamy. However, I knew it would be.

  32. You did a great job! The long day was worth it.
    I love the photo from outside, it looks so inviting!

    Have a great weekend,

  33. I can just move in or buy everything!!! Love it all. So DREAMY like Rosemary says. Ciao Rita

  34. oh did an amaaaazign job with your window display! truly! It looks stunning. i would most DEFINITELY want to walk through those doors and see more. i so wish i lived closer to take it all in. All those Mary head vases and statues just speak to my soul and everything is so serene. sigh...

  35. So beautiful. I love the subtle vintage color pallet. Wish I could see it in person!

  36. So beautiful! How many more days until Christmas? Can't wait!
    enJOY a lovely weekend,

  37. BEAUTIFUL!♥ much for the clock in the 1st photo and do you ship? It's exactly what I have been looking for.

  38. Hi Kathleen,
    Your window display is a windo to love!!
    It beckons you in to shop your heart out and hang onto what inspires you most.

    I so wish I could shop in your space I would go crazy with what I wanted most.

    Thank you dear friend for your faithful visits and the best comments left for me on your way out :) I cannot wait to see all the beauty and inspiration you share when we near Christmas I am excited for you to visit me as well, I just love the peace and calm of the holidays :)

    See you soon sweet friend

  39. Kathleen, this is one of the prettiest Christmas spaces I've seen in a while. It's just gorgeous. So much inspiration that I might have to steal (I mean borrow) from.

  40. What else can I from you but perfection. That window will surely get the peeps in.
    Love the fluffy tree in the corner!


  41. Soooooo pretty, can't wait to come up with a friend and have a day of shopping at my favorite antique mall!

  42. Oh soooo beautiful!!
    Great job.

    barbara jean

    You should try to make it down for our Vintage Marketplace Nov 17-19!! We'd love to have you. =)

  43. This just looks AMAZING.I'm in love with the white cabinet with numbers. What a great idea!
    I wish I didn't live so darn far.
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful display.
    I wish you lots of luck :)
    xxx Liz

  44. Oh my...what a stunning space you have there!!! I'm sure that you will sell a lot of it...what a wonderful month to be in the window:)


  45. just discovered your blog through my friend Laura@52flea. I love the window and could shop, shop, shop.....just beautiful!
    Greetings, Evi

  46. Oh my... Feather Trees and Vintage Mannequins with Angel Wings... so ethereal... Love it All!!!!!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  47. Kathleen - that looks like something you'd see in the windows in NYC at Christmastime! What a beautiful job!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  48. Oh, how I wish I lived near Monticello's!! I would gobble up everything in this gorgeous window display. You've done an amazing job Kathleen! It's right out of Jeanne D'Arc Living!
    - Susan

  49. It looks romantically divine! Love the winter whites. andrea@townandprairie

  50. Gorgeous inspirations- I am in the Christmas decorating mode for sure!!Sharing this at the party tonight- thanks for linking up at FNF! :)

  51. Loving the all white Christmas decor.

  52. Kathleen,
    The window looks so incredibly awesome. Like a white winter wonderland. I wish I lived closer to go see it in person.