Thursday, September 29, 2011

~Sunflowers Make me Smile~

There is something about sunflowers that make me smile....they seem like such a happy flower.  They also remind me of Fall.  I've tried to dry the big ones after all the petals have fallen out, but they always seem to mold.  Maybe someone has a suggestion for me:-)

I purchased this wooden egg crate from my sweet friend Julie's booth at Monticello's a couple weeks ago and added the "eggs" stencil.  This will end up above my kitchen cabinets with all my other wood crates, wicker baskets and jugs.  It's hard to get photos up there, so I placed it by my sunflowers in my laundry room to take these pictures.

I put this lovely shade of yellow smaller sunflowers in a glass jar that is covered with craft paper and some burlap numbers tied on by some jute.....easy, peasy.  Enjoy! xoxo K.

I'd also like to mention that Julie's family is going through a tough time right now since her 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer recently.  Please say a few prayers for them....Thank you:-)

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  1. Hi Kathleen.
    Your bright sunflowers caught my eye and I just had to come over and see them.
    Fall is my favorite time of year and these sunflowers are a perfect reminder of how much I miss fall colors here.
    Thanks for sharing and my heart goes out to your friends daughter.
    Take care

  2. The sunflowers look great and I also love your crate, so vintage! have a great weekend :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. I love sunflowers too and I also love your crate!

    Have a wonderful day,

  4. I learned to dry flowers from a friend back in Illinois and she told me to take the Flower when it was still together, lay it in a shoe box of Corn Meal. Put about a 1/4 inch in the box then lay the flower, stem off, then gently (spoon) cover the flower (in the position you want it to be dried) totally cover the flower. Let it sit for about two/three weeks. The moisture will be sucked out and the flower will hold it's color....when finished make a wire stem. works like a charm!
    Good luck

  5. So sorry to hear of your friends daughter.. sending out my prayers for her continued recovery!

  6. Love the sunflowers and the "eggs" is perfect for the crate! I'm from Kansas where sunflowers are the state flower so I love them!

  7. Sunflowers make me happy too! They look wonderful in your photos. That crate would have made me dig in my wallet too.
    Will definitely say prayers for your friend. I'll send her some sunflowers for her soul .
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I'm a sunflower kind of girl too! And I really LOVE that crate...the stencil was the perfect finishing touch. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's daughter. I will certainly pray for her ♥

  9. Kathleen, I'm loving the egg crate and sunflower make me smile too... have a great weekend

  10. I love them because they are so large, and cheerful...
    Prayers for Julie and her family, xo

  11. I love your sunflowers! I have the smaller ones growing all over my yard. I need to cut them and bring them inside. In the past, I've been able to dry a few of the big ones. Did you try hanging them upside down to dry? Have a great day!

    Take care, Sue

  12. I myself love sunflowers they do seem to brighten your day.Darling crate! Sad to hear about Julie's daughter.What a nightmare for them,prayers and blessings headed their way~Kim

  13. Oh I love the egg crate! Such character, and sunflowers are my favorite. Found you at Farmhouse Friday and following. Saying a prayer for Julie and her family also!

  14. prayers being sent up :D

    I was just noticing your sweet vase when I scrolled down and read what you had done. Way cute!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Our weather is finally turning next week so it is safe to visit

  15. I agree mine in the garden are finally making they opened yesterday...Pretty pictures have a great weekend..hugs Janice

  16. I love this crate...thanks for sharing the burlap idea...never can have to many burlap it!! Keeping Julie's daughter in my prayers. Bobbie

  17. I will say a prayer for Julie's family.

    Your egg carton is calling me. I love the simpler times and natural wood aged to perfection.

  18. Sunflowers make me smile too:) My prayers are with the 15 year old with cancer. Kids shouldn't have to deal with that!

  19. Hi Kathleen,what a perfekt post, i love sunflowers too and dthe egg crate is so beautiful,i wish you a very nice weekend Belinda

  20. Looks so pretty Kathleen!
    Keeping Julie in my prayers.

  21. So bright and cheery!! Love them in the burlap roll too.

    barbara jean

  22. Yes Sunflowers make me Smile too and they're such a hardy, versatile plant... they even grow well {and wild} here in the harsh Desert climate... often you'll see miles of them alongside the roadways lifting their lovely faces to the Hot Sun, thriving in spite of drought and nobody caring for them, which is pretty amazing!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  23. I am so crazy for that egg box; have never seen one like it. I collect egg stuff- drueling...


  24. I have just recently found your blog. I find this room absolutely charming!! I make clay sculptures and have started using religious icons in my work. LOVE the feel of this room!

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