Tuesday, August 2, 2011

~White Wednesday # 111~

Wow, another week already gone by and can you believe it's already August?  Summer goes by way to quickly in my opinion.  I hope you are all enjoying these relaxing days.

I have tons of white daisies blooming right now, so I decided I should cut some to enjoy before they are all gone.  I created a white daisy meets rustic vignette out on one of my outdoor tables.  I had purchased this metal thing that had a handle and have never really known what was used for. 

A friend of mine, Sarah told me she had one and removed the handle so she could use it as a sort of flower frog/ vase.  I put a wide mouthed jar underneath to hold the stems.  What do you think?  Pretty good idea, huh.  Thanks Sarah:)    I love to find ideas to use all this wonderful old and rusty stuff.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

Today my featured blog is Villabarnes.  I'm so glad I came across Rosemary's blog where she does amazing transformations on furniture and all sorts of other things.  Go on over and check it out because she shows lots of before and after shots and also gives tips on her techniques.  I found myself browsing through all of her older posts  for a long time.  She really does a great job.


  1. Hi Kathleen, love your daisies in this great rusty thingy! The last of my daisies are gone, they just don't last long enough here. wonderful photos, and Rosemary is one talented gal!!! thanks for hosting, xoxo Debra

  2. OMG! Thank you so much for featuring my blog. I really do put my whole heart into my redesigns. I love to share, and appreciate every compliment. Thanks for being such a gracious host.

  3. Kathleen,
    Your white daisies are lovely. The rusty thing-a-ma-jig is perfect for them!
    Summer is indeed a wonderful time of year.

  4. hi Kathleen!
    your holy bucket reminds me of a charcoal chimney...but I like it much better as a daisy display:)
    Happy White Wednesday!
    xo, Rosemary

  5. There's nothing better than white daisies and a rusty old pot, Kathleen! What a pretty vignette! :) Amazing how quickly summer screams by, isn't it? So sad....! So we just have to treasure each and every day that we're sweating it out! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Yes, that does make a great vase for daisies!
    Thanks for hosting...

  7. So nice of you to feature Rosemary! She has tons of ideas.

    Thanks so much for being a gracious hostess.

  8. Rusty and sunny, rustic and pretty. Great combination Kathleen!
    Thanks for another fun WW,

  9. Your daisies are so white, they almost don't look real. Love the little displays of them. I have sunflowers blooming right now, and I just love them too! I hope you and your family are doing well.

    Take care, Sue

  10. I love those beautiful white daisies! They look so precious, and the furniture pieces are wonderful!

  11. What pretty daisies! That metal thingy makes the perfect vase. I wonder what it's used for? Do they use something like that for charcoal grills? Hmmm. It does seem like summer is just flying by...makes me sad. Thanks for hosting :)

  12. daisies are the sweetest flowers. they look so lovely in your rusty...what is it?? happy ww mon amie!

  13. Your daisies are delightful! They look wonderful in that rustic container. Things have cooled a bit here and summer is nicer than ever. It goes way too fast for me too!

  14. That rusty thing is a charcoal starter for an outdoor grill. It sure looks better showcasing your fleurs!

  15. I have seen those rusty thingys too and I don't know what they are. Your daisies are lovely in it! I love Rosemary's blog too. Thanks for having us over.

  16. I agree somehow summer slips away all to soon and after the fourth of July all the back to school items are everywhere. I love your white daisies, they are the friendliest flower (I think Meg Ryan said this line in You've Got Mail), it just stayed with me. I think your container is perfect with the white flowers. Thanks for introducing Rosemary's blog. I love the painted urn. Thanks for hosting.........

    The French Hutch

  17. I love the rusty 'thing a ma jig'. There's nothing like daisies to brighten a day.
    Hope all is well,

  18. I wish I had those pretty roses all over my yard. It's so dry here i'm starting to wonder about the water table.
    Lovely post, and I wanted to thank you for hosting this get-together every week.

  19. Love those Daisies in the rusty pail, and love coming here every Wednesday.

    Thanks for hosting!

    barbara jean

  20. What a really cool and awesome rusty thing you got! It's pairs perfectly with some fresh cut daisies.
    Thanks so much for hosting!
    hugs, Cheryl

  21. I am really very glad after read here and I appreciate for the information that you presented here.

  22. Your photos are very farmhouse today ~ love it! I always enjoy visiting Rosemary...her makeovers are amazing! Thanks so much for hosting!

  23. I had purchased this metal thing that had a handle and have never really known what was used for.

  24. hi Kathleen - clever idea for your garden arrangement, I like it! I'm also a reader of Rosemary's blog, she has so many creative approaches to her projects. This is my first visit here today, so let me extend my thanks = you're a gracious hostess! xo Diane

  25. lOVE daisies ....they look great in your container.
    Thanks for hosting.
    xo bj

  26. I love the daisis in that contairner, they're so pretty and happy to enjoy. I love the white urn and thank you for introducing Rosemary's blog. Thank you for hosting such nice party too! Hugs, FABBY

  27. Hi Kathleen!
    Great idea for the charcoal chimney. If you turn it upside down the newspaper goes in the small part of the chimney and the coals go inside the big part and then you light the newspaper! You don't even have to use stinky lighter fluid! It's great! I still use one! Thanks for sharing with us.
    As always, thank you for hosting White Wednesday.

  28. LOVE the daisies in the old tin! Daisies are the essence of summer and casual living ... you just have to smile when you see them.

  29. The photos are just fabulous. Thanks so much for hosting the wonderful party!


  30. Your daisies look wonderful in your rusty thingamajig. :) Your photos are always so pretty!! HAPPY WW~

  31. Hi Kathleen,
    I love your daisy pictures and that rusty old chimney is pretty darn awesome. thank you so much for hosting this great link party. I like that tip that Sonya left for using it. That sounds kinda neat.
    Eileen @ CBH

  32. Kathleen!?!?
    Ohmygoodness!!!! This is SO CRAZY!?
    I had no idea you had a blog!?
    I've had a blog for about 7 months now ... and obviously, I have lots of stuff in my house that is from YOU - so I would have linked here, if I had known!
    SO ....
    I went to Monticello's for the first time last week and bought a windmill from YOU!!! (Long story how I figured that out ... but anyway ...). I found the Monticello blog, and then randomly found you from there -- and all in perfect time because I'm posting about the windmill I "built" on my blog tomorrow, so I can be "official" and link it back to your blog now!!! :-)
    This is just so cool!
    I have friends with blogs, but they are little --- and none of my friends and family seem to "get" the whole blogging thing --- one more thing you and I will have to talk about! Which, by the way, we NEED to get together!!!
    Hope you guys are having a great summer! I think you were just at Eagle Crest...? We are headed there on Friday!
    Hopefully talk to you soon!
    (aka: "Bec":)~

  33. Kathleen,
    Daisies are my favorite flower. Nothing says happy like them.
    I saw your porch at Jill's and girl...it is just beautiful.

  34. The daisies with the rusty container is great. Daisies make me smile! Thanks so much for hosting!