Tuesday, April 5, 2011

~White Wednesday # 94~

Is it already Wednesday again? Time sure has been flying by lately. I guess that will happen when you're busy. I wanted to share a great find I recently got from the ever so sweet Susie at From My Home to Yours. She has a fabulous Etsy shop that I like to visit often. I've been looking for an old oval wood bowl for my dining room table and hadn't had much luck. I spotted this great old white metal drawer on her site and thought it would look great in the meantime. It ended up being a little small for my table, but looked great on another cupboard in that room. Meanwhile, I was lucky enough to find a wooden bowl at the Flea Market on Sunday that I love(will share that at a later date). Here are a few photos of my new drawer filled with some silver and a lovely shade of tulips along with one of my favorite corners in my home. Enjoy! xoxo K.

I also wanted to share some awesome botanical bird prints that I got from Susie.

I'd been looking for some and these are perfect.....thanks Susie.

Lastly, I will be spending the rest of my week up at Monticello's redoing my booth so it's ready for the Spring garden show that starts this Friday April 8th @ 8am. You won't want to miss it.

Actually one more thing. I had a lot of you asking where I got my stencil for my wood tote from my last post. I've purched a few stencils from this site and I love them. Maison de Stencils.


  1. That wooden drawer is awsome. Just lovely and the bird prints are beautiful too ~ happy Wednesday ;-)

  2. Kathleen, I love that drawer.
    Would make a lovely serving tray for the patio this summer, carry out some iced tea or lemonade.
    Very cool. great find, I am off to check out her shop.
    Have a great WW

  3. That drawer is just perfect! You've inspired me to use some drawers I have just laying around. :-)


  4. ....ahhhhh!!
    white tulips and pretty ironstone:)
    Love it!!
    xo, Rosemary

  5. I can't believe it is April already! I LOVE the white tulips and botanicals. Hope the sun is shining for you, and the rain has slowed down a bit. We are expecting cooler temps and rain the next few days. I'm SO ready for warm weather!

    Take care, Sue

  6. Kathleen, Thank you for hosting white wednesday. This is the first time I am participating! YOur blog is just gorgeous! Ethereal, chippy and so romantic. Your little drawer is a wonderful "tray" to keep this and that on.
    We had the same idea, my post is about white and silver!
    So nice to participate!!!

  7. ooooo I love the drawer...and the tulips and the silver!! I have some drawers that I need to paint and you have inspired me to get moving!

  8. Everything looks beautiful! Your metal drawer is very charming!

  9. I LOVE that chippy shabby wood drawer! Wish I could visit your booth! Have fun this week. Thanks for hosting WW!

  10. I love your vintage vingette. The wooden drawer is perfect to hold your tulips.
    Love the feedsacks in the background too.


  11. Your posts are always so inspiring, Kathleen! I love the little white drawer. I have an old porcelain top table in my basement with a sweet little drawer ... I may need to pull it out! The white tulips are lovely too. I am so ready for spring. Had snow today :( Thanks for hosting and inspiring!

  12. love that old drawer filled with ironstone, silver-plate and utensils. those tulips are just the finishing touch. gorgeous and functional vignette! Happy WW!

  13. I am always taken aback with all of your beautiful whites. Everything always looks so special. ~~Sherry~~

  14. I love those bird prints...they are beautiful!!
    I am joining your white party again Kathleen!
    Pamela xo

  15. What a neat old drawer!
    Thanks for hosting WW,

  16. Kathleen what beautiful pictures, I LOVE that tray and the silver pitcher with tulips, Oh so pretty! Martina

  17. The metal drawer looks so pretty on your side Cabinet. And the botanicals ar just beautiful!

  18. Lovely tulips - thanks for hosting.

    Carolina Mountains

  19. Beautiful photo's I want to thank you so much for taking the time to host this every week it is so inspiring and fun!

  20. Your Whites are always so lovely! I was struggling to enter today since practically nothing I had in Wednesday's Post could pass for being White... the best I could do was my Whitish-Pink Cactus Blossoms *winks*... I know, I know, its a stretch... but I so Love participating in this particular Blog Party! I LOVE White in all it's shades... alas, too much color always seems to creep into my World so my feeble attempts over the years of an all White decorating theme have not fared too well... I could never keep it cleanly White anyhow. *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  21. I love the white drawer. I purchased a few drawers of different sizes at an auction recently and one I will be painting a soft grey to go in my newly decorated laundry room. Now that I have seen yours I think mine will turn out ok. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Your tulips are beautiful and I LOVE the Bird prints!

  23. Unbelievable that the week went so fast! I feel like i just posted here! lol Adore those bird prints you picked up! xoxo, tracie

  24. I would love to go to the spring show! I'm sure I will some year! Ha ha! Your photos are just luminous this time, Kathleen! Those tulips are wonderful with your things. It all makes a gorgeous display. Thanks so much for my favorite time of the week!

  25. Oh what a beautiful post--I love your tulips. I actually had white tulips flown in from Holland for my wedding...they have a special place in my heart.

  26. Kathleen,

    I love the white tulips.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Stephanie ♥

  27. Kathleen,
    Thank you so much for hosting each week. One of my fave places to visit. Looooove white!!

    barbara jean

  28. Thanks so much for hosting week for week. It's always fantastic to see all the creative ideas.

    I wish I had a so beautiful tulip bouquet!

    Enjoy this Wednesday

  29. Your new things look fab, your house is also very beautiful :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  30. Love the botanicals and the tulips. Happy White Wednesday ! And thanks for hosting !I am so glad I found your blog.

  31. LoVe Your Vignette!!! I'm inspired... Thanks again for hosting Chippy White Wednesday!!! I ALWAYS look forward to Wednesday Mornings - Grab a cup of good CoFFee and view the entries...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  32. Hi Kathleen...love that old drawer and how you've dressed it up! Think I'll go out and get myself a bunch of tulips today!

  33. Oh what a beautiful vignette! I Love the little jug!...The drawer is a great idea!

  34. Of course you could make an old drawer look so charming! Love those pure white tulips ~ my favorite!

  35. Thank you for hosting another white Wednesday, this is the second time I link and I'm loving it, I'm always looking forward for Wednesdays.
    Thank you!
    Have a lovely day!
    XXX Ido

  36. So so pretty!
    I just love old silverware in a pitcher.
    And the drawer, you and I think alike!

  37. Gorgeous vignette- so lovely! Thanks for hosting! :)

  38. Hi Kathleen
    I got some bird prints identical to yours!!! I used them this week in various projects. I can't believe its #94 already!! Hope you & the family are well.


  39. Hi There

    I just realized you were at Monticello's mall . I was there last month and really enjoyed looking around

  40. My first White Wednesday!!! :)

    Such pretty photos, Kathleen!

  41. What a fun way to display you beautiful tulips. I always look forward to your White Wednesday.
    Blessings, Sheila

  42. Thanks for hosting one of the best blog parties each week! I just don't have enough white :( Love your spring touches in your pics, and I'm looking forward to hitting Monticello.
    ~ Julie

  43. Kathleen, I am such a GOOF! I kept getting an image size message and didn't think it was working, so I kept trying to link up! Oh my, I added like 3 links! So sorry, please feel free to delete, I would, but don't know how. This is so embarrasing :-0

  44. Lovely lovely lovely Kathleeen! Aren't drawers just the most perfect thing for vignettes. I have a serious love for them in retail display! Your blog is always such joyful inspiration!

  45. I love how "chippy" your photos are and how creative you are in repurposing. Wish I could visit your spring garden show!

  46. Hey Kathleen,

    So delighted that you are happy with the drawer. It looks great with the ironstone and silver. Oh yea, especially the tulips...love 'em.


  47. The old metal drawer is great, but that cabinet it's resting on is fabulous! I love the whole vignette, Kathleen. Thanks for hosting.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage