Friday, January 7, 2011

~Junk Salvation~

Now that the christmas Show is over I did a little makeover on my space up at Monticello's. It's always good to move things around and add some new eye candy for the shoppers. Here are a few pics that I had time to take of how it turned out. I'm linking up with Debra for her VIF over at Common Ground. Enjoy! xoxo K.

I also want to bring to your attention a great show that I am excited to be a vendor at on February 5th. It's called "Junk Salvation" (I just love this name) and is put on by The Funky Junk Sisters from Washington. Hop on over to their site to get all the details and you can click on the coupon at the top of this post and print it to receive $ 1 off admission. I also put some of these coupons in my booth if you happen to be in shopping you can grab one or even a few to give to some friends and make a day of it. There is a great line-up of vendors for this show and I'd love to meet you so make sure and stop by and introduce yourself.


  1. What Great pictures. I love your stuff! If I was closer I would love to visit your shop and actually stay for a awhile ;-)

  2. Oh my,
    Your booth looks fabulous!!! I so wish I lived closer, I see tons of treasures I could go home with!
    Love your new blog design, it's just beautiful!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Your booth looks wonderful Kathleen! Have fun at The Funky Junk Sisters, sell lots!

  4. Your booth pics give me goose bumps!

  5. Everything looks wonderful Kathleen. Oh that is a show I would love to take some time off work to go to. And it's within driving distance to me, and I would love to visit Oregon. And there is no tax there haha. Thank you for letting us know. xoxo tami

  6. LOVE all the "eye candy"! Wish I live closer because I would be THERE!!!

    Take care, Sue

  7. Everything look fabulous. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  8. Your space is so much FUN! Wish I lived across the other side of the country! :0)

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  9. Your space looks great, i love that little fan!!
    Wow it seems that your area has a show every week. Lucky you!
    I want to go to shows!!!

  10. all looks wonderfully grand!!

    Hope I can make it to the sale.


    barbara jean

  11. GORGEOUS KATHLEEN!!!! I wish I lived nearby!

    Happy weekend my friend


  12. Hi Kathleen...I love your booth! That store amazes me! I could go everyday! xokathee

  13. This would be so much fun and I love junk!!

  14. Wow! Kathleen, so many amazing things in one place! Looks great! And i want to come shopping!!

  15. Kathleen,
    I adore your charming vintage booth! Good thing I'm in Colorado. Wait, no that's not a good thing, haha! Love the vintage fan and old wire baskets!

    Have a super weekend! ;D

  16. Looks gorgeous and ready for a big event...sell, sell, sell!!!!

  17. I love it all but I'm nuts over that fabulous blue drawered cabinet, just yummy. Your space looks great. I've got to get busy in mine...can someone say blah?
    Thanks for linking up to VIF, dear Kathleen!

  18. Your booth looks great Kathleen and that show sound like a lot of fun! Have a great Sunday!

  19. Well, all i can say is its a good thing (for my bank account) that I wasn't there... i love it ALL!!

  20. Love everything! SO many drool worthy things.

  21. I see some items I would like to have, like the lil white chest darling!.I will have to try and make a trip in there.~Cheers Kim

  22. Your booth looks great! Have fun getting ready for the show!

  23. Sure wish I lived closer! I would be there with bells on! Hope you have a great sale!

  24. Looks great Kathleen! Wish I could pop on over and say hello and perhaps have a P.S.E. (positive shopping experience). :-)

    Hope to rejoin you for WW this week,

  25. I'll bet this will be a great show Kathleen. I don't know why driving to Oregon and Washington seems so much more do-able for me than CA and Texas, but I just feel more at home there because our family vacationed in those two states several weeks a year when I was growing up. So I'm sure someday soon, I will make it.
    Your space looks wonderful! be able to spend an hour in there~sigh~
    Thank you so much for the well wishes. I am so grateful.
    hugs to you...

  26. I saw so many items I would love to have from your booth! Wish I lived close by for a visit to your booth and that show....sounds wonderful!

  27. Hi Kathleen,
    It all looks great! I am particularly liking that metal drawer-thingy...I'm figuring out I love drawers!
    How are you keeping up with everything? You must let me know if (traveling) shows are easier or harder than maintaining a booth..I've wondered.
    Happy New Year, dear friend...hopefully we'll get to meet up again this year:)

  28. Hey Kathleen
    I love what you do Girl... it always looks like it is out of a magazine! Can't wait to see it all for myself. I will be coming up in the spring, Jody and I are doing the Farm Chicks show. Don't ask me how... I do not want to drive a trailer over the mountains and renting a truck is going to be awfully expensive. Any advice?
    Wishing you a great show... love the name too!

  29. I wish I lived closer to come to that show. It sounds like vintage heaven! I look forward to all of your eye candy from the show.
    Happy New Year! Heidi

  30. Hi Kathleen - I'm so bummed that Monticello is so far away, otherwise, I'll be the first one there with my hands going ""

    But then again, maybe it's a good thing, coz I'll probably be there everyday since everything in that antique mall including your shop looks amazing.

  31. Kathleen-
    It was so great to meet you, and be your neighbor at the Monticello Christmas show. Lucky me! I really love your style. Now I have one more booth I always have to check out when I hit Monticello!

  32. White is my favorite color and Shabby Chic my favorite style. Your blog brings together both of these, thank you so much, it is just beautiful!

  33. Amazing stuff, especially for drawer and chest. You can add more value by putting brass antique handle.

    Indonesia Furniture

  34. Love your space, and I also enjoy white wednesday. Thank you for all you do.

    big hugs

  35. Hi My Friend,
    I will prolly see you at Junk Salvation. I will be shopping :)
    Hugs Julie