Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~White wednesday # 54~

Good Morning. I'm posting for WW early today because I'm going to be out and about the rest of the day. I've been busy getting ready for a sale I'm doing on Sunday the 4th called Old Stuff on Main Street in a nearby town called Silverton. They block off a couple srteets every 4th of July. The weather has been so gorgeous here and I've been outside going through, cleaning up and pricing things that I'll be taking. I've got lots of white, chippy and garden related items to get rid of. I'll leave you with some of the goodies that I'll have for sale that I had a chance to get photos of. Enjoy and if you live in the area, stop by and check it out. xoxo K.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

~White Wednesday # 53~

I'm posting a little bit earlier today because I'm not going to be home later. Still running around and I haven't even been able to look through the list of fabulous studios from the Where Bloggers Create party yet. Things should settle down shortly and I'll have time to devote to all your wonderful blogs.

This week I'm going to share a classic flower...Geranium. These come in so many different colors, but of course you know my favorite would be "white". I bought all white annuals for on my porch and patio this year. I'm loving the contrast of the green and white along with all my metal furniture and statuary.

The day I bought these geraniums I had stopped at Goodwill and found all these goodies. I really like how they look sitting in this basket. Hope you have some time this summer to get out and play with your flowers. Enjoy! xoxo K.

Friday, June 18, 2010

~Where We Create~

I was glad to hear that Karen at My Desert Cottage was going to host a 2nd "Where Bloggers Create" party so I had the incentive I needed to get my former storage room in the basement turned into a studio where my daughters and I could work. The unfortunate part was it kept getting put off and I only had a little time here and there to work on it. So the last couple days I've been frantically trying to clean out and organize in time for the party. It feels good now that it's done, but I still have lots of sorting through and figuring which box or jar will hold all our supplies. These are the things you can gradually work on as long as the bones are in place.

It was a challenge to get the photos I wanted because this room is only 10'X9' and it is also the room we keep our extra refrigerator in. I played around, but could only get little areas at a time along with some close-ups of a few things. I hope you enjoy your tour and I can't wait to be able to start creating.

This is a bulletin board that I covered in burlap and used one of my stencils on. I bought these old number and letter push pins from Susie at From My Home to Yours which are perfect and she also made me this sign along with some other goodies with my purchase. It was very thoughtful of her. If you haven't checked out her Etsy shop yet, you should stop by and take a peek.

The pillow is another thing I've been playing around with my new stencils and the I love the rug I won from one of LaurieAnna's giveaways.

I had to hang my old baby crib springs inspiration board the other way to fit into this space.

Lots of jars to hold miscellaneous items along with spools of thread, twine and jute.

Here are some of the necklaces my daughter, Nichole has made. She is getting really good with her soldering kit and enjoys making them as gifts.

I hope I've inspired you to get out there and create. I know I've found so much inspiration in blogland and I want to thank all of you talented ladies for that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~White Wednesday #52~

Well I'm back outside this week even though the weather isn't cooperating again. Why can we only get two days in a row of sun. I need much more than that. I found these metal plant stands last summer and they're not really old, but I think they have charachter. When stopping at my local nursery last week I came across these great plants with green and white varigated leaves. They are called "Harlequin Creeping Euonymus" and I really liked the foliage.

Well I'm off to my son's 8th grade Graduation this evening. Seems like just yesterday he was starting school. Where does the time go? Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday. Enjoy! xoxo K.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

~Silver Candelabra~

Just a quick post because it is the second sunday of the month and I don't want to miss out on "Silver Sunday" over at Gypsy Fish hosted by the ever so sweet Beth. I found this silver candelabra at a thrift store recently. It's got that great patina that we all love and it's a heavy one. You can always tell they are old by their weight. The sun is shining here today so I'm goingto go soak it up. Enjoy! xoxo K.