Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~White Wednesday #15~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WHITE DETAILS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thanks for stopping by to visit. I'm having some problems with my posts. I can't change my font size and my pics won't move. Does anyone know how to fix these things? If so, please drop me a line. Today I think I will show you some of my things around the house close-up so you can see the detail. That's one thing I love about old items, they have so much texture or patina- something you just can't find in new items. Enjoy! xoxo K.

Monday, September 28, 2009

~Honest Scrap Award~

I have been given an award by Rebecca at Rebecca for Vintage Living. She is so sweet and has an awesome blog, so take some time to check her out. This award is the Honest Scrap Award. You are to mention who gave you the award, list 10 honest things about you and then give the award to 7 people whos blogs you admire.

1. I will be 40 in a few months and honestly don't know where the time has gone.

2. I am truly blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy children.

3. My biggest dream is to own my own shop someday.

4. Ever since I was young I've wanted to live where it is sunny and warm all year, but somehow I've never left Oregon.

5. I hate to exercise.

6. I am NOT a morning person.

7. I don't drink coffee, but have to have my Diet Pepsi every day.

8. My favorite pastime is to be out working in my garden. It truly is my sanctuary.

9. My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years and our first date was to Hawaii(long story).

10. And last, but not least my true passion is decorating(I bet you couldn't figure that one out, huh.)

Well now that I have bored you to death, I would like to pass this award onto some fellow bloggers out there who I've really enjoyed their blogs and gotten inspiration from. You can do with it what you like. Thanks.

Friday, September 25, 2009

~Our Home***Part 3~

(Sorry, but I couldn't get my photos to move tonight, so they are all before the text.)

Good evening. I had mentioned in my previous home tour post I would post some pics of my Breakfast Nook today and then this morning I got called into work. I sub at my kids' school when they need help, so it's a little later than I had wanted, but here goes.

This area is connected to our kitchen. It's not very big, but gets used often. There is a small table, a hutch and a wicker bench. On the other wall leading into the kitchen I have a large skinny cupboard and a shelf above it to hold more goodies. We changed the plans a little to put the window over the sink because I wanted more light there and I also already had the green hutch that I wanted along that wall. This piece was one of my first "junk" pieces that I bought with some of our wedding money and I still love it. My husband made the window seat out of wood that sits behind the table. We usually eat breakfast and lunch at this table and then dinner at our table in our dining room. I debated on showing that room next because I want to paint the walls in there a darker brown, but I think I'll show you it now(probably next week) and then you can see the before and after when I get it painted.
You can veiw other rooms in our home here and here. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy! xoxo K.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~White Wednesday # 14~

Welcome to another Wednesday full of white goodies. I know most of you out there who collect vintage and old things have some fabrics. I started out collecting florals especially barkcloth, but seem to prefer the simplicity of linens and lace nowadays. I love how my lace curtains look with the sun shining through them and who can go wrong with a white tablecloth and some linen napkins for their table setting. Not to mention pillows and bits of lace trim stored in a large glass jar or even put into a favorite frame. Enjoy! xoxo K.

Please take some time to visit all the participants of this theme which you can find on my sidebar. You won't be disappointed.

~~~linens & lace~~~

Monday, September 21, 2009

~Our Home***Part 2~

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We took a family vacation over to The Wildlife Safari, visited with a guy my husband went to college with who lived nearby and then drove over to the Oregon coast. The weather was beautiful on Sunday and we just took out time driving home along Hwy 101 all the way down the coastline. Very pretty scenery.

I want to continue with our home tour which I started a while back and you can view here. Today I'm going to feature my kitchen and on Friday I will show you the breakfast area which is connected. We didn't have quite enough room to have an island, but I use an old table in the middle and since we have a smaller table and chairs in the breakfast area didn't feel we needed the extra seating anyway. Our cupboards are bead board painted a creamy white and our counters are made from wood. I love my large old fashioned sink. We moved our white appliances from our other house since they were fairly new at the time, but I would really like to get stainless steel appliances someday. I'll add that to my wish list(haha). There is plenty of room for my white pitcher collection above my cupboards and I like to have old ironstone and brown transferware here and there for decorations. Enjoy! xoxo K.